This article was published on May 30, 2013

Issue v1.5 – Music, provided by 22tracks

Issue v1.5 – Music, provided by 22tracks
Vincent Reinders
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Vincent Reinders

Vincent Reinders is the founder of 22tracks and Free Pants. Follow him on Twitter. Vincent Reinders is the founder of 22tracks and Free Pants. Follow him on Twitter.

The Internet’s best music: 5 Handpicked tracks by the curators of 22Tracks

We’ve launched a new feature at 22tracks: Top22, a daily refreshed chart which reveals the 22 most played, liked, shared and favorited tracks per city. It’s wonderful to see what happens musically around the world. These four top the charts: Thundercat in Brussels, Newtown Rocksteady in London, Buccinator in Paris and Dutch duo The Opposites in Amsterdam. The fifth pick of the month is a personal favorite by BANKS.

Thundercat – Oh Sheit, It’s X
L.A. is a magic place. For the way it’s known worldwide and for a dozen of things, but one thing I always think about when someone mentions Los Angeles is all the musical talent that resides there, and mainly the talents at Brainfeeder. First it was all about Flying Lotus, but since Brainfeeder’s success one of the talented guys that can be added to the list is Thundercat. In the beginning, he was the bassist for all FlyLo’s material, played with the late Austin Peralta, but things have changed: the eccentric bass-virtuoso made an album, where he sang, did crazy stuff on bass-guitars and showed his musicality in every possible way. Now he’s back with another album, produced by his colleague and friend Flying Lotus, and Oh Sheit, It’s X is perhaps the most catchy track on the album: a contender with Daft Punk’s Get Lucky for the 22tracks summer jam.

Newtown Rocksteady – In The Red
Not only is our city specific a good indication of what tracks are trending on 22tracks, it proves to be a good weather or season indicator as well. With summer approaching faster and faster it’s no surprise that the top track in London is Newtown Rocksteady’s In The Red, a lovely reggae-dub tune that’s perfect for the sunny moments. Newtown Rocksteady is a collective of Wellington, New Zealand, based musicians that one day decided to collaborate on a fun project.

Buccinator – Love’s For Real
While Buccinator is still a young guy, he’s also a talented producer and it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see his name shining in Paris’ Top22 among names like Rakim, Kelis and fellow Frenchman Evil Needle. His productions are nice and laid-back and very fitting for the last few days of spring, a uplifting tune for the late nights and early days that has been on repeat at the 22tracks office.

The Opposites – Op Een Level
The Opposites are a Dutch rap duo that have been making waves in the hip-hop scene for a couple of years now and with their most recent album Slapeloze Nachten it’s fair to say that they have earned their spot. The fact that they’re track Op Een Level is the most trending track in Amsterdam’s Top22 playlist says it all and if you take a listen you’ll understand why. It’s not your average slow hip-hopbeat but wat the current dutch scene is known for: dance-y tracks, and this time The Opposites lay down some verses about clubbing and what not.

Banks – Warm Water
Warm Water by BANKS, a song that has me feeling like warm water does during spring’s colder days. To me, talented singers need futuristic producers and not some inhouse guy at bigger labels to deliver truly stunning music. Luckily BANKS and the team behind the LA-based singer understood that the most interesting songs would come when she’d work with interesting and talented producers like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. TEED’s soothing and warm production topped by BANKS’s lush vocals that literally feel like being whispered in your ear: a match made in heaven.

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