This article was published on February 14, 2013

Issue v1.2 – WANT: Gadgets

Issue v1.2 – WANT: Gadgets
Thomas Offinga
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Thomas Offinga

Thomas is the lead designer and producer of TNW Magazine, The Next Web's own digital magazine. When he isn't designing the magazine, he's pr Thomas is the lead designer and producer of TNW Magazine, The Next Web's own digital magazine. When he isn't designing the magazine, he's probably creating something else in his spare time. You can follow him at @thomasoffinga

Internal Hard Drive iPhone Cover

Perfect for your friend who’s a whiz in the IT industry – or just for whenever you feel like turning your inner nerd up another notch. Snag this new iPhone cover and know that no one will make comments like ‘wow, what a snazzy phone case you’ve got!’ unless they’re being truly ironic. Still, for just 13 bucks, this is one to grab.

Lehmann LA100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Ever wanted to be a pilot, couldn’t ever muster up the vision or coordination it took? LA100 might be your aerial answer. This Gadget is our unavoidable top pick this issue. Lehmann Aviation created an aircraft that, for 990 Euros, will launch on a battery-operated system and return to you after just five minutes in-flight. It comes sans a GoPro camera necessary to take the bird’s eye view photos it’s got the potential to snap, but the view and airtime is worth the cost, we think.

Retro Duo Portable

Amazon’s Retro Duo Portable is perfect for the ageless gamer in you. Clocking in at $72, the RDP plays SNES and NES cartridges, comes with a stand-up dock and NES adapter, two controllers and a user manual you’ll actually read. Play most of your games with solid screen resolution. Quick tip, though: invest in good headphones. The speakers aren’t the best.


GameStick calls itself ‘the most portable TV console ever created’. We hesitated to jump on board (come on, we HAD to throw that one in there) this gaming bandwagon, but when even the website is branded like a console, it’s hard not to love. The seamless design and ease with which you can sync it with your HD screen is pretty uncanny. Also, this was obviously made by the biggest gamers you may not have ever met, since they created a device that actually encourages gamers to congregate together.

Grab a can of Mountain Dew, a bag of Cheetos and settle in for the long haul. Also? Game on. We’re ready to play.

Ouya Console

Who knew such a sleek little box could pack such a big punch? Ouya Console came from a Kickstarter campaign and now it’s in popping up in households everywhere. Powered by Android, Ouya’s design opens the door for developers to produce games more cheaply and, most might argue, more efficiently than before. And for as many critics (looking at you, Kevin Dent) who say it’s going to fail, we’re sure there are a least a few more gaming nerds who’ll beg to differ and play to win. Dent’s right in one respect, though: Ouya could use a retail offering to give the cube-like device a little boost.

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