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This article was published on July 26, 2012

Issue v0.7: Books

Issue v0.7: Books
Martha Pierce

The amazing thing about the iPad bookstore is that you can just download any book you see and read the first 50 pages for free. Then, if you like what you are reading, you pay and get the rest of the book. Imagine doing that in a regular bookstore…

We’ve selected 5 books for you to download right away from the iTunes bookstore. Previews are free so read the first 50 pages of these classics without paying anything. For most books, that is all you need to get the basics.

The World Is Flat 3.0
by Oliver Wyman & Thomas L. Friedman

Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat didn’t exactly generate a Fifty Shades buzz, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Expect (partially biased) updates on globalization and an inspiring rendition of poverty, environmental and socio-political change. In short, see the world in a new light after this. You never know.

The Little Book of Emerging Markets
by Mark Mobius

Consider The Little Book of Emerging Markets your little black book for everything that has to do with economic growth — especially for those unexpected underdogs, like Brazil and India. Expert author Mark Mobius explores emerging market investment — and how to withdraw your green without getting burned in the process. Buy this and you’ll probably save; plus, you’ll have the knowledge of an investor at your disposal. What’s better than that?

The Best Places for Everything
by Peter Greenberg

This book speaks for itself. Check out Peter Greenberg’s rendition of the absolute top-notch destinations you must visit, whether you live on the edge or just the edge of your economy-sized airplane seat. But don’t just take our word for it: Greenberg is one of The New York Times’ bestselling authors. Pick up your all-access pass on iTunes ASAP for a good time. After all, it’s cheaper than a six-pack.

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