This article was published on July 13, 2011

Is your Facebook stream boring? Check out the most interesting shares with Fmeme

Is your Facebook stream boring? Check out the most interesting shares with Fmeme

Because of the way that Facebook is designed, it automatically surfaces the most interesting content coming into your individual stream. What it doesn’t do is go out and look at all of the content on Facebook and show you whats cool or interesting. This is the way that Facebook wants it to work with Edgerank , but if you want to explore popular Facebook shares on your own, check out Fmeme.

The site takes an approach similar to Digg, but instead of Diggs it tracks Facebook likes and scrapes other social sharing sites like Topsy, Stumbleupon and Reddit. The more that people have liked and shared a link, the higher on the list it will be. The likes are presented in a popular stream that can be narrowed down to just today, since yesterday or the last 7 days. You can also view the popular topics in categories like arts, entertainment, gaming, technology and more.

If you want to get a custom stream of popular stories you can even build your own ‘channel’ by logging in and setting it to a category. You can also submit content that you find interesting directly to Fmeme. If you just want to narrow down what topics that you’re presented, tick off the channels on the right to remove them from the standard popular stream.

I bounced around on Fmeme for a while, checking out various shares and there’s a lot here that I’ve seen on other sites, but mixed in were some new and interesting items. If you’re a huge Digg fan or really into Reddit, then Fmeme might not be for you. But if you hang out on Facebook a lot and want to see whats being shared there and pass along interesting links to your friends in their streams, its definitely worth heading over to Fmeme to give it a whirl.