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This article was published on October 3, 2020

iPhone or Google Pixel? This 6-in-1 universal charging cable works with pretty much any smartphone

iPhone or Google Pixel? This 6-in-1 universal charging cable works with pretty much any smartphone
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable can handle Android and iOS devices, offering detachable charging options to get almost any device powered up quickly.

You’ve got a charging cable for your phone. You’ve got one for your tablet. You’ve got another for your laptop. On top of that, you’ve likely got at least two or three more devices that you spend some time with, each requiring their own special energy delivery.

Before you know it, every time you want to go anywhere, you’ve got a mile of cables and connectors wrapped around your shoulders like you’re about to ascent Everest. In a time when we don’t have time for petty stuff, we really don’t have time or the will for carrying an extra bag just to make sure all of our connecting cables are accounted for.

The CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable has been dubbed “the master key,” as the one cable you need to rule over all others since it does virtually everything. Right now, it’s on sale from TNW Deals at $5 off the regular price, just $24.99.

The CharbyEdge Pro is certainly a master key for device charging, offering a set of detachable, lockable adapter keys that allow this cable to connect to practically any device or power source.

With these keys, you can convert the standard USB-A and USB-C ends of this cable into ready plug-ins for Lightning, Micro USB, USB-A or USB-C charged devices. Whether you’re an Android follower, an Apple devotee or have devices straddling both OS worlds, the CharbyEdge Pro has you covered.

With the locking system, each key snaps safely and securely in place over the aluminum reinforced head for easy charging, but they’re removed with a snap when you’re finished so they don’t end up hanging all over your cable.

No matter which keys you’re using, the CharbyEdge Pro is ready for directing serious power as needed. At top speeds, it’s capable of surging up to 100 watts of energy into those starved device batteries. Just for some reference, that’s fast enough to get a Samsung Galaxy phone back to 50 percent strength in just 22 minutes, an iPhone 11 Pro in just 46 minutes, an iPad Pro in 52 minutes or even a 10,000mAh power bank in just over an hour.

As for durability, the CharbyEdge Pro is crafted from tangle-free-nylon braided ballistic fiber that’s been lab-tested to withstand bend over 30,000 times. The cable is also 6.5 feet long, so it’s definitely capable of reaching from an outlet to a table ledge without endangering your device.

As the one connector that can handle any power situation, the CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Cable is a steal at the discounted price of just $24.99 while this offer lasts.

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