This article was published on July 1, 2010

Ionz Will Help You Craft An Infographic About Yourself

Ionz Will Help You Craft An Infographic About Yourself

In today’s culture of internet narcissism, some ideas hit the bullseye. Ionz is just such a product: it combines the current craze of infographics and a short quiz on how awesome you are to create a dead personal data infused image.

The final product in the words of the company is “a simplified map of your personality and represents your relation in the universe of people that have also participated in this experience.” Before I explain all of that, take a glance at what the final product looks like. This is a tweaked version of my generated infographic:

The goal of the infographic and the questions that you are asked (to generate your personal version of the template) is to place you in context of other people who have already supplied answers, some 70,000 people. Whenever you answer a question, for example which social network is your favorite, it will rank you among your peers.

I said that Twitter was the the best, and according to Ionz some 33% of respondents agree with me. Only Facebook was more popular, receiving 37% of the total votes for that question.

What is the value? Aside from an interesting comparison of yourself to other technologically minded people, the generated final product is a minor work of art. You need to give this a try.