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This article was published on December 18, 2017

Investment platform Mirocana uses AI to reduce risk

Investment platform Mirocana uses AI to reduce risk

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), it pays to be ahead of the game. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently quipped that the nation that wins the AI war will be the ruler of the world, and his statement seems somewhat prophetic.

As the nascent AI technology begins to take root in a variety of industries, early adopters are already well ahead of the curve in taking advantage of what promises to be the next major technology to revamp the face of the technical world.

One of the most crucial areas for getting ahead of the game in the AI revolution is investing. When it comes to investment calculations and planning, analysts already use complex algorithms to seek to predict where markets will move. By adding AI to data source analysis, Mirocana, a state of the art investment platform, will move investors one step ahead of the game.

Reducing risk through deep-learning

The reason investors are using the Mirocana platform is that it’s unique of its kind. Most importantly, the company receives huge volumes of raw data from external sources including news, articles, quotes and market data. This raw data is evaluated and passed through a number of potential trading strategies which the Mirocana team has created. The team continues to evaluate these strategies daily.

By doing a large set of simulations, Mirocana can evaluate the input predictions from all possible strategies. For this, the company utilizes deep-learning neural nets to create the highest level of profit and reduce risk.

After all of these simulations have been fully analyzed, the best strategy is chosen for investment. The company provides an automatic and rapidly processing “stop-loss order” so that all products can be converted into cash nearly instantaneously in case of an emergency.

Investors benefit from a number of different functionalities within the platform. First, the Mirocana system offers a variable risk assessment ratio. Investors can simply provide a “risk point” and the platform will provide appropriate risk analysis to help give the investor clarity for which simulation best fits their needs. Users are also able to track their investments through a proprietary interface.

Already ahead

The Mirocana team is already ahead of the game. They have launched an integration with currency converting platform Oanda for the 125 currency pairs within their system. They are also preparing their two other products a stock market product and a cryptocurrency connection with 90 currency pairs from Bittrex  — both with AI-empowered analysis.

Additionally, they have recently launched the beta version of their integrated website version. Finally, this week the company will launch a new mining product which is designed to speed up the mining process because of increased capacity.

Both of these products have been released well ahead of what the original roadmap estimated.

With all the products the company has already created, and well ahead of schedule, the company continues to offer investors a way to truly get ahead of the game. If Putin is right, embracing AI in investing is truly a step into what promises to be the future.

The token sale continues until December 19 for those interested in investing in the platform.

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