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This article was published on March 29, 2012

Instagram photos are the most annoying Facebook photo trend, and could get you unfriended

Instagram photos are the most annoying Facebook photo trend, and could get you unfriended

When it comes to the most annoying photographs shared on Facebook, our money was on the pouty-teenager holding their phone or camera at arm’s length, turning slightly to the left to show off their best side. According to a few thousand UK Facebook users, vintage filtered photos courtesy of Instagram actually win that accolade.

The Daily Mail points to a study conducted which shows that linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account isn’t going to win you points with your friends.

It’s not just Instagram that comes under fire. Any filtered photography courtesy of other similar apps, Hipstamatic included, is the top reason to get annoyed according to 61% of the respondents. Coming a close second are baby photos, with 58% of respondents unable to stomach cutesy photos in their feed.

Obligatory pretentious coffee macbook Instagram shot

The obviously ‘posed’ photo comes in third with 53%, followed by holiday photos at 46% and food photos at 32%.

To be fair, Facebook has become the digital equivalent of a friend sitting you down and forcing you to page through every single photo they’ve taken whether during their last holiday or even during their last meal. The good thing about Facebook is that you don’t actually have to look at them, if you don’t want to.

So why is Instagram such a pet peeve for some Facebook users? 55% of the respondents thinking that the filters are unnecessary or gimmicky, and they’re doing something about it – 76% have hidden posts, while 21% have actually gone so far as to delete their Instagram-enthusiast friends.

While we’re unabashedly huge fans of Instagram here at The Next Web, we will admit that it might carry an air of pretentiousness, and that it’s a little annoying when people pretend that every single time Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian share an Instagram photo, it’s a newsworthy event.

That said, if your friends don’t appreciate your own 70s inspired, faded, Instagram shots that make things look a little bit more glamorous than they really are, you can always find tons of encouragement among your fellow Instagram addicts followers.

The survey was carried out by, and it was based on 1,671 Facebook users across the UK.

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