This article was published on February 8, 2016

Instagram officially rolls out support for multiple accounts

Instagram officially rolls out support for multiple accounts

After months of testing, Instagram announced today that its latest update finally supports multiple accounts. Now, Instagram power users and brands will be able to link up to five accounts.

Available in Instagram version 7.15 for both iOS and Android, users can link accounts through profile settings. From there, switching accounts is as easy as tapping the username and selecting the new alias. The app also comes with several new visual cues for users so they’ll never be confused as to which account they’re on.

Additionally, the app supports push notifications for all linked accounts, provided that they have them turned on. Users can also log out of select accounts, or log out of all accounts with a single action.

Instagram is a bit late to the multiple account game, but it’s a welcome change for those who use it as a major communication tool to their audiences.

The new features are available today in Instagram’s latest version, so update the app if you haven’t already.


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