This article was published on April 19, 2013

In first 24 hours, #Music users tweet more Spotify links than iTunes URLs, Rdio comes in a distant third

In first 24 hours, #Music users tweet more Spotify links than iTunes URLs, Rdio comes in a distant third

Twitter’s #Music app is out at last for the Web and iOS, following an extensive rumor cycle. If you are behind the times, head here for a detailed explanation of the service.

Data from the launch of #Music and the popularity of the various music services that it supports was recorded by the fine folks over at Simply Measured. Their filtered information indicates that among Twitter #music users, Spotify is the most popular music service, edging out iTunes.

Here’s the full breakdown of 24 hours of #NowPlaying tweets that included musical links:

  • Spotify: 11,984
  • iTunes: 11,612
  • Rdio: 3,457

All told, a total of 256,226 #NowPlaying tweets were pushed in the first 24 hours of the service’s life. According to Simply Measured, that is a rate of “four times the first 24 hours of Vine posts.” As #Music has a Web presence, which Vine does not, that it beat out the other service isn’t surprising.

Here’s the data, charted:


Simply Measured is likely not the only party with its eyes on the information that #Music will generate; Twitter is famous for being a service that can be tracked to monitor sentiment. With new official hashtags, and a fresh clickstream to track, Twitter now owns a ‘pulse’ of the music industry.

TNW’s Martin Bryant views this as an opportunity for Twitter to generate fresh revenue:

In a world where the traditional music charts, TV ratings and box office receipts don’t necessarily reflect the media we consume, Twitter is well placed to harness the buzz and conversation around songs, shows and films that we’re buying, streaming – or even watching live in the case of music. In recent months, the company has been moving to turn this vague notion of ‘buzz’ into products it can potentially make money from.

So far, Music is off to a decent start. Its usership in a month’s time will be more interesting than its first day’s data, but we’ll have to wait for more.

Top Image Credit: Ibrahim Iujaz

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