This article was published on June 26, 2017

How to improve your style (and confidence) in the office

How to improve your style (and confidence) in the office
George Beall
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George Beall

Even if you work in a boring corporate office, looking good is still a very effective way to brighten your day and improve your confidence.  Appearance can say a lot about a person and no matter what your personal style – going the extra mile will put a spring in your step. On top of that, the more comfortable you are with the way you look, the more self-confidence and charisma you will acquire. Bottom line, looking awesome will also make you feel awesome.

But who would we be if it was all about a appearance? Style is about body language, too.  Check out these 5 ways for improving your style (and confidence) in the office.

1. Define your look.

Step away from the Vogue magazines and fashion articles for a moment. What defines you as a person? Have you always had an affinity for baby blue? Always spent a lot of time outside? Whatever the case, take the aspects of your personality that you adore the best directly into your wardrobe.

Want to be the most fashionable copywriter there is in the office? Want to impress everyone with an ever-changing vintage look? Whatever your choice will be, it’s easier if you take those aspects of your personality  into your shopping habits.

2. Be unique and incorporate your strengths.

Now that you set the basic “scaffolding” upon which you’re going to build your style on, it’s time to make it even more personal. If you’re breaking into a new style, make sure you take the time to try on a few outfits to see what flatters your frame the best. If you already know what you rock the best, start investing in high-quality versions of your favorite items. When you’re still wearing that blazer for the 100th time, you’ll be thankful you made the investment.

You can even develop your own go-to accessory that helps you dress up every work-wear.  Add a scarf to your dress, wear your glasses in a particular way,or just focus on one color in particular.

3. Break out of the ordinary.

Aren’t you tired of that old boring hairstyle that you kept on your head since high school?  Still dreaming of the mustard yellow blazer?  Go to the salon.  Shop online.  Far too often we’re trained to think that work clothes have to be some sort of jail uniform.   That’s simply not the truth!

Instead of rushing to your boring work wardrobe, take a moment to test your fashion boundaries.  If you’ve always been dedicated to black blouses- add a little color!  You’d be surprised what a little change in routine can do for your mentality.  Even a haircut can have you feeling like a new person when you walk through those doors Monday morning.

4. Improve your posture.

Adjusting your posture while you sit at the office is good for your health, obviously. But it’s also extremely helpful to make you feel more comfortable and self-confident. There’s nothing more awkward than watching a supremely good-looking CEO executive sitting down like a humped monkey crouching on a tree branch.

More importantly, it’s easier to feel confident when your body language exudes confidence.  Not to mention you’ll have much more control of your diaphragm, speech, and the amount of damage you do to your back. The way you sit or stand could affect your speech, which brings us to the next point…

5. Improve your speech.

Although speaking is not strictly part of your style, it still is a critical component of your overall appearance. The way you talk is part of the way you convey your messages to other people and defines how much they’re willing to listen you. If you keep stuttering or speak too slowly, people around you will get bored and their attention will dwindle. If you speak too quickly, everyone will think you’re nervous and overly-anxious, and won’t give much weight to what you say.

Drink a glass of water and clear your throat before speaking to a large audience and try to keep speak loudly enough so everyone can hear you. Own your statements and more importantly, always be open to improving your communication skills.  There isn’t a single profession in this world that doesn’t require them.

Your look at the office is a lot more than how other people see you. It’s about how you see you.  At the end of the day, you’re always going to feel more confident when you’re dressed for the goals you want to achieve.  Consider it a practice in self-care.

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