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The Importance Of Stand-Up Desks In Start-Ups

The Importance Of Stand-Up Desks In Start-Ups
Robert Hellson
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I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of co I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of cooking a meal and sharing it with others. I enjoy researching on new market products, and maintaining my blogs.

A new revolution is slowly brewing in organizations in office working, regarding the health and fitness of their employees. Just imagine what havoc can sitting for eight to 10 hours at a stretch behind a computer can wreak on your health. This negative anomaly is now being set right.

Today, sitting on work desks is passé, the new trend is working from stand-up desks. If you are wondering what stand-up desks are, they are simply work desks that are raised suitably to enable you to work standing up.

Why stand-up desks?

The logic of working standing up is that it keeps you fit and healthy. The conventional way of working, sitting on the desk behind a computer the whole day, has been equated to a vice that the slogan ‘sitting is the new smoking’ describes quite succinctly.

The stand-up desks are not somebody’s figment of imagination, the trend has very much been implemented in big companies, such as Color Labs, Zoosk, Facebook, GroupMe and Venmo. These companies are known for using stand-up desks based on health research.

This trend is especially important for start-ups, since introducing it early in the organization sets the right trend and make employees get used to it. Stand-up desks assume importance as it conserves the health of the users and helps them keep fit.

Hi-tech standing desks

Ever heard of Aspirus or Stir Kinetic Desk? They are the hi-tech standing desks that are currently making waves in the corporate world as a healthy option for people who spend the whole day sitting behind desk.


Aspirus is one of the leading desk-cum-treadmill products that incorporates automation, data gathering and customization. It is not only a desk, but a contraption that can be placed on top of the work desk to turn it into a ‘smart standing workstation’.

Aspirus has got some outstanding features. Adjustable height with a touch of a button with a maximum height of 46 centimeters (18 inches), capable of mounting a monitor or fix a laptop stand, and can also be configured for a dual monitor.

Aspirus is deemed ‘smart’ because this workstation uses sensors and an app to monitor your desk behavior. It will remind you if you remain seated at your work desk for long. A notification light will indicate it is time to get up. It also notes your absence from your desk to track your sitting or standing time more accurately.

Very soon, it will integrate smartphones using both iOS and Android operating systems to keep track of your desk habits. It will also host a ‘do not disturb’ function, conveyed by a light indicator, that you are busy. Also, you can get real time information on your daily usage and get a progress report too.

Stir Kinetic Desk

The manufacturers claim that Stir Kinetic Desk is a healthy option of making you stand more on your work desk, boosting your productivity. This is an adjustable-height desk that boasts of a tiny computer brain inside. Unlike the standard standing desks, this desk ‘remembers’ the height convenient for your working and you can adjust the same by double tapping a touch screen.

What’s more, Stir Kinetic Desk has four AC and two USB ports on each side with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Efforts are on to integrate this desk with other gadgets, such as Fitbit to learn the relationship between your morning run and desk habits in order to guide you.

Jason.L stand-up desks

These desks are designed for ease of working. Compared to its competitors, Jason.L stand-up desks are most competitively priced. Not only are these easy on the pocket, but are also ergonomically designed, thanks to the creative skills of Jason and Marc, the company’s chief ergonomic officer and chief ergonomist, respectively. One of the strong points of stand-up desks designed by Jason.L is the ease and convenience of working while standing up. The desk has phenomenal stability and is not prone to shaking or tipping that is most common in other brands. Most stand-up desks require getting used to, but with Jason.L desks, the ergonomic design makes it immensely user friendly. There is no stretching of arms and no straining of neck in discharging your work from this desk. You feel as comfortable as if sitting on your desk.

Healthy reasons for stand-up working

Your body is not made to sit continuously for eight hours. Deskbound jobs have been linked to several diseases. The incidences of spine injuries, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes have been found to be higher in people with sedentary desk jobs.

Working standing up, on the other hand, has reduced the chances of obesity and of acquiring type 2 diabetes and other metabolic issues. Furthermore, standing up also reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases in the long run. In other words, working standing up adds years to your active life.

Stand-up desks are also an ideal solution for people suffering from previous injuries, such as back injuries. Doctors too have declared this way of working as safe.

In view of the health benefits, stand-up desks are most recommended, especially for start-ups.

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