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This article was published on August 27, 2014

Illustrator Olga Angelloz expands the animal kingdom with ‘Humanimals’

Illustrator Olga Angelloz expands the animal kingdom with ‘Humanimals’
Ashley Hefnawy
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Ashley Hefnawy

Ashley is an editorial assistant and a content producer for Shutterstock's blog. Follow her on twitter @ashleyhefnawy. Ashley is an editorial assistant and a content producer for Shutterstock's blog. Follow her on twitter @ashleyhefnawy.

Ashley Hefnawy is an associate editor for Shutterstock’s blog. This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission.

We recently re-discovered the work of Olga Angelloz, which features some of the most adorable and enchanting of faces. We caught up with Angelloz to ask a few questions about her artistry and her fascination with “humanimals” in particular.

French Bulldog in pink bowtie

Shutterstock: What inspires you in life and in art?

Olga Angelloz: I am inspired by traveling, movies, people that dress stylish and, of course, animals.

What’s your preferred medium as an artist?

I prefer to use black ink brushes, pens and liners. I typically create black-and-white drawings.

Hand-drawn Dalmation 

The images in your collection have such a specific style. How did you hone in on this vision? Why are animals usually the centerpieces?

I’ve been passionate about animals since I was a child. I think that if I wasn’t an artist, I would work for an organization that specializes in animal protection.

Have you experimented with different styles of design?

Yes, I have. Particularly while I was studying and working in the fashion industry. But I’m only comfortable working with some styles. I like Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, which I hope to develop in my future works

Hand drawn leopard

What is your dream as an artist for the future?

I have the plans, but not dreams, at the moment. My plan is to develop new topics and styles; I don’t want to limit my portfolio to only animal subjects. I hope to continue to please the customers and my followers by sharing new ideas and concepts with them.

Do you have a favorite image or set of images in your collection?

My favorite set is Humanimals. It’s the biggest one in my portfolio. In this set, I’ve combined my interest in fashion with looks and love for animals. I tried to express the personality of humans by associating them with certain animals.

Hand drawn tiger pirate

Are there other Shutterstock contributors that you admire? 

There are many amazing artists on Shutterstock. I admire Yusuf Doganay‘s cute drawings, Javier Brosch‘s doggy photos, and Super Prin‘s exotic kaleidoscope backgrounds and patterns.

How much of a role does technology play in your artistic process?

Technology, especially the Internet and digital cameras, plays a big role in the research of my projects. I typically prefer hand drawings, but I always use computers to vectorize and color my works.

Hand drawn french bulldog

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