This article was published on September 24, 2021

If you’re ready to get flying for the first time this quadcopter drone might just be the perfect pick

If you’re ready to get flying for the first time this quadcopter drone might just be the perfect pick
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TLDR: This 4K camera drone is a brilliant choice for novice fliers, including nifty flight capabilities and a brilliant camera to handle all your drone tasks for business or pleasure.

From surveillance to aerial photography to filmmaking, there’s no shortage of uses for a nimble drone. But while some models are packed with loads of specializations and other high-end bells and whistles that can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars, other current models are built for ultimate reliability.

And especially for a novice pilot just getting comfortable behind a drone controller, some of these baseline drones still carry all the functionality most pilots are looking for, while remaining easy to use and capable of surviving unfortunate learning moments behind the stick.

That makes aircraft like this quadrotor drone from Ineedmeone ($99.95, 75 percent off, from TNW Deals) such a great purchase for a first-time flyer, stacked with all the important drone features, yet simple enough for beginners to jump in and get comfortable quickly.

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Any drone is most accurately judged by how well it flies, and this drone has the goods to impress. WIth a six-axis gyroscope, a headless body mode and easy controls, it’s simple for a first timer to connect their phone, grab the controllers, and get up in the air quickly. In fact, this model is also equipped with ultra-convenient one-key takeoff and landing features, while get the craft airborne or back down on the ground safely with a single button press.

Meanwhile, this drone is also capable of serving up some majesty as well, courtesy of the on-board 4K HD quality camera. When synced to a smartphone or tablet, this craft can record and stream gorgeous 4K images back to your device to enjoy  impressive detail as well as a truly real-time first-person viewing option that feels like the next best thing to actually being up there.

This unit also comes with gesture control abilities for snapping the perfect selfie with a simple hand gesture.

Plus, this aircraft comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep you up in the air for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

The S32T HD 4K Single-Camera Drone is regularly $410, but as part of this sale, fliers can get one now for 75 percent off at just $99.95 while this deal lasts.

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