This article was published on March 12, 2020

If your business doesn’t have a successful digital marketing strategy, this bundle can get you back on track.

If your business doesn’t have a successful digital marketing strategy, this bundle can get you back on track.
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Dynamic Digital Marketing Manager Bundle explains all the steps to harness the power of social media and online messaging for your business.

It’s easy to disregard social media and email as a simple conveyance system for political screeds, cat memes, spam and emails from your mother. But the truth is, to the seasoned digital marketer, those outlets can be the lifeblood of a thriving business, both online and in real life. There aren’t 12,000 digital marketing agencies in the United States right now by accident, you know.

If you want to understand what those agencies know about harnessing digital forces to start making you and your business some serious revenue, the training in The Dynamic Digital Marketing Manager Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can light the way.

Over these six courses, you’ll not only get a crash course in how 2020 brand building works in the digital realm, but you’ll also learn the practical tools and strategies used by top digital marketing experts to put your brand front and center on the web and on the minds of your potential customers.

The Strategic Marketing Course gets you started, helping you identify the right markets for your products and services while crafting just the right communication techniques to reach them. 

With a marketing plan in hand, the Marketing Plan and Strategy: Zero to Hero Overnight Course explains how to start a complementary online content plan to drive marketing forward. With the right content being produced, the Social Media Strategist course gives you the tactics to amplify that message, including market analysis, standardized goals and policy, and the guidelines for launching targeted campaigns to different platforms.

And yes, tailoring your content and message to the various strengths and weaknesses of each platform is also vitally important.  YouTube for Business: Create a YouTube Channel explains the importance of video content and how to optimize the world’s most popular video platform to reach thousands with your own YouTube channel. 

Meanwhile, the Facebook Ad Creatives Workshop gives you the tools to find the top performing Facebook ads, create compelling images of your own, then put those pieces together for effective Facebook advertising that can move the needle with sales.

Speaking of sales, InstaFunnels: Sales Funnel & List Building Mastery Course centers on conversions,  offering students 3 simple steps to create high-converting professional sales pages and funnels and engage viewers and ultimately turn them into customers.

The entire package featuring 26 hours of instruction is on sale now at a huge discount off its nearly $1,200 retail price, just $29.99 while the offer lasts. 

Prices are subject to change.

The Dynamic Digital Marketing Manager Bundle – $29.99

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