This article was published on October 15, 2021

If you suffer from snoring, this smart eye mask could stop the rumble in its tracks

If you suffer from snoring, this smart eye mask could stop the rumble in its tracks
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TLDR: The VVFly Smart Snore Eye Mask sends gentle vibrations to adjust your sleep and knock out snoring once and for all. 

For decades, snoring has been played for laughs. From Popeye to Fred Flintstone, a sleeper loudly sawing logs has been a comedy staple for film, TV, cartoons, and beyond forever. 

But the reality is that snoring isn’t really all that funny. Just ask anyone who snores — or those that try to live with them. Medically speaking, snoring is usually a sign of a type of sleep apnea, a form of abnormal breathing during sleep that can actually be deadly. 

Even for those who don’t face any imminent medical danger, snoring can be destructive on a person’s personal life too. In fact, after infidelity and money issues, snoring is the highest ranking cause of divorce in America. 

Those who suffer from the effects of snoring really are suffering. The VVFly Smart Snore Eye Mask ($64.99, 34 percent off, from TNW Deals) puts old home remedies and other stop-gap approaches aside in favor of cutting edge technology to help solve the snoring problem once and for all.

Crafted from nylon and eco-safe soft high-density sponge, it looks like a normal sleep mask. But when worn, this mask is driven by its own digital brain, constantly monitoring for any signs of snoring and stepping up to end it before it builds to that room-rattling rumble.

Equipped with its own internal sensors, the mask uses bone conduction and voice recognition to check for signs of snoring during the night. When it notices snoring activity, the mask automatically begins issuing various levels of vibration that work to gently stir the sleeper without waking them up. With the sleeper’s throat muscles relaxed and constricting breathing, the escalating micro-vibrations proceed through 36 different variations, working to adjust the sleeper’s muscles to tighten back up, clear the obstructions, and squelch snores.

In addition to the vibrations, the mask also connects to the Sleeplus app as the Bluetooth connection collects and feeds data back to your smartphone or tablet on all of your sleep patterns. 

You can put a stop to your own snoring with the VVFly Smart Snore Eye Mask, which usually retails for $99, but is on sale now at more than a third off, down to only $64.99. You can also save a couple dollars more by buying a two-pack for $124.99. In both cases, shoppers will also get a $10 credit toward their next purchase from TNW Deals.

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