This article was published on February 12, 2020

If you don’t know why wireframing is vital to a site build, Blueprints can school you.

If you don’t know why wireframing is vital to a site build, Blueprints can school you.
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TLDR: Blueprints is a wireframe website builder that goes way past other drag-and-drop site creator apps.

If you want to enlist a professional web designer to build your new business website, you better bring your checkbook with you. Because web designers do not come cheap. 

Just do the math. Good freelance designers generally cost at least $30 to $75 an hour for their work. Once they’ve devoted hours to your setup, the site design, the actual build, content creation, training, maintenance and more, you’ll likely be looking at a bill that could easily top $3,000. Or, as some predict, even higher.

That’s no small investment — and frankly, it’s a lot more than many startups have to devote to a web presence. But simple drag-and-drop website builders may be too rudimentary to suit your needs. Blueprints Website Builder is a better choice– and right now, a lifetime subscription to their web design features is just $39, almost $100 off the regular price.  

Blueprints distinguishes itself right off the bat. Unlike most site builders, Blueprints has a prototyping wireframing feature that lets users build the framework of their site within minutes. 

And we don’t just mean site cosmetics. 

When you build a house, you don’t paint walls and hang drapes in the first room you finish, then move on to building the rest of the house. With Blueprints, you have access to over 500 ready-made blocks, over 200 prototype starter templates and more than 30 navigation panels to craft the bones of a structurally clean, fast loading, SEO-friendly site in a handful of clicks. 

Once you’ve hashed out exactly how your site’s architecture, functionality and content work, adding all the flashy visual flair is easy. 

At its foundation, a Blueprints-built site is erected on the most solid of foundations, responsive for viewing on any device, lightning fast and ready to show up at the top of Google search results.

With its clean, intuitive visual builder interface, you don’t need to know heavy coding either. Right now, you can try out Blueprints for either Mac or Windows at almost 75 percent off, only $39 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

Blueprints Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription – $39

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