This article was published on July 27, 2020

If your creative hires could use some stoking these days, this might be your path

If your creative hires could use some stoking these days, this might be your path
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TLDR: Through ebooks, courses and professional coaching, Craftsman Creative seeks to keep creative professionals both professionally and spiritually satisfied.

Art and commerce don’t always mix. Even when armed with superior talent, highly creative people like writers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, creative business owners and others, 

can often find themselves running into unique challenges when they head out into the business world. 

There are immovable deadlines. There are pressures based on practicality, the marketplace or even just the limited vision of others. Then there are also the internal challenges. Like procrastination. Or creating work an artist can be proud of that serves an audience, the clients, and the creator’s own artistic vision. 

When the work is what matters most, remaining directed as you move forward is the ultimate creative journey. Thankfully, Craftsman Creative ($99 for a 2-year subscription, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) wants to help creators take that journey, offering a host of resources for keeping them honed in on what’s most important: the work itself.

Craftsman Creative lives by the three C’s: clarity, courses, and coaching. The clarity starts with the Craftsman Creative ebook, an engaging treatise on the principles used by all manner of professional creatives to achieve a mindset for success and creative fulfillment.

Next up, CC offers a variety of courses, all centered around that same philosophy of focusing your time and energies into creative pursuits that suit your growth and leave creators feeling satisfied. What to Do Now explores how creators can get through this chaotic time while setting themselves up for long term success. 

Meanwhile, the Make Something course lives up to its billing, challenging students to create and share a new work without fear or procrastination in just 90 days. 

Finally, CC coaching options from group coaching to private sessions help students zero in on their strengths, spot the opportunities in front of you, and take the next steps in their creative journey.

With two years of Craftsman Creative access, you’ll never lack for direction or inspiration in keeping your creative projects on track. A nearly $2,400 value, a CC subscription is now on sale for just $99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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