This article was published on December 25, 2019

If Santa screwed up, here are four late holiday deals to help make it right.

If Santa screwed up, here are four late holiday deals to help make it right.
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: These cool late season items are sure to satisfy anyone who wasn’t blown away with their holiday haul.

There are almost eight billion people on the planet Earth today. Facing those overwhelming numbers, it isn’t hard to see where Santa may have dropped a ball or two somewhere this year.

If the big man misfired on a gift this season (or maybe if he just airballed the whole thing and forgot), you can help bail him out with one of these “too late for Christmas, but not too late to matter” gift suggestions. Each of these items at currently up to 60 percent off should either take the sting out of a holiday misstep; or prove to be cool enough to salvage the whole season on their own. Either way, TNW Deals is looking out for ya! 

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor – $179.35 with promo code: SAVEDUEXPRO

For everyone who got used to the dual monitor set-up at work, then hates going back to a lone screen on a personal laptop, this one’s for you. This portable, lightweight, 1080p secondary monitor attaches easily to a laptop, creating a seamless dual screen effect. Or just flip the energy efficient, remarkably durable DUEX Pro around so your audience can follow along during important presentations.

Moskito Smartphone-Controlled Plane with Joystick – $36.54 with promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS

This plane pilots like a drone, only it’s even easier to use. Just sync the Moskito to your smartphone and you can pilot up to 200 feet by intuitively tilting your phone with your hand. Or attach the included joystick to execute ultra-precise maneuvers. It’s super crash-resistant, easy to control and a whole lot of fun, now $8 off. 

Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table – $549

Meet the instant centerpiece of your next party. This 8-foot, high-end table includes an infinity mirror play area and 600 LED lights, all customizable to blink through your favorite color modes or to sync with your music of choice. Hey, if it’s good enough for revellers at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, it’s good enough to keep your pack of friends entertained, right?

Kharbon IP67 Wireless Earbuds – $67.15 with promo code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS


Sure, these rugged, Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, ergonomically designed wireless wonders are 60 percent off. Which is great. But would you believe these earbuds have a battery life of 150 hours? Throw in their unparalleled sound and fidelity along with the graphene technology, and this is truly a next level set of wireless audio mastery.

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