This article was published on July 8, 2020

If a 15-year-old can make $1 million as a dropshipper, this training can help you do the same

If a 15-year-old can make $1 million as a dropshipper, this training can help you do the same
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TLDR: The Ultimate Amazon FBA and Dropship Master Class Bundle explains all you need to know to open, stock, manage and grow a thriving Fulfilled by Amazon business.

As a 15-year-old in Kosovo, Engjell Berisha got enticed by the moneymaking possibilities of dropshipping, selling products from a manufacturer or wholesaler’s stock without investing in inventory yourself. Rather than waiting a few years until he was older, Engjell jumped in at an age when most kids would be playing Fortnite.

And it turned out to be a shrewd move as the teen made almost $1 million in revenue in his first year of operation.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you could make that kind of money after entering the world of dropshipping and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) storefronts. But nobody’s saying you wouldn’t either. Either way, the training available in The Ultimate Amazon FBA and Dropship Master Class Bundle ($39.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) is an eye-opening look into a still emerging world of ecommerce even many retail professionals haven’t fully explored.

Across eight courses covering more than 40 hours of content, learners get the inside scoop on exactly how dropshipping and selling through Amazon FBA and other key retail outlets online actually works, as well as the tips that can hopefully spur Berisha-style success.

The package begins with a close examination of the FBA eco-system, with a complete A-to-Z course covering all the basics. That exploration of all the tools for selling via Amazon are also featured in extensive guidebooks to identifying profitable sales opportunities in Product Sourcing: 33 Ways to Source Products for Amazon FBA as well as how you can actually start your own bespoke product lines with Launch a Successful Amazon FBA Brand in 2020.

FBA outlets don’t live by the dropshipping model, so three courses here —  Shopify E-Commerce Websites for Beginners, Shopify Dropship Mastery: Build Your Own Dropshipping Store and 10 Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Make 6 Figures — get deeper into the sub-culture of dropshipping, explaining the philosophies to finding products people want, identifying suppliers and marketing those products beyond Amazon like Shopify, AliExpress and other elite digital venues.

The package also offers two courses in how to further your profit as an active trader in online arbitrage, the art of buying and selling goods based on market price fluctuations.

Whether you’re ready to be an online retailer or just want to get the lay of the landscape, this collection offers unique insight. A $1,300 value, you can get the whole package now for only $39.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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