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This article was published on September 11, 2014

Iconfinder launches subscription pro plan for designers

Iconfinder launches subscription pro plan for designers
Jackie Dove
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Jackie Dove


Jackie Dove was in charge of The Next Web's Creativity channel from February 2014 through October 2015. Jackie Dove was in charge of The Next Web's Creativity channel from February 2014 through October 2015.

Icons form the backbone of interface design — for products and apps as well as for the Web. 500 Startups-backed Iconfinder offers designers a way to search for just the right high-quality icons for their projects.

Today, those users can choose a new way of doing business — a subscription plan. With the launch of subscription-based Iconfinder Pro, freelancers, agencies and design teams can now ditch receipts, license management issues and swapping credit cards for one of four subscription levels. Previously, only credit card payments were available.

Iconfinder Pro is targeted to professional design teams who work on multiple projects involving numerous iterations and prototyping. The subscription offers full access to premium content without watermarks for a streamlined search experience that promises to accelerate the design process.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.22.14 PM

Iconfinder Pro ensures that users have proper licenses by creating one basic license for commercial projects. With a subscription, administration is streamlined so subscribers get one receipt for accounting, team members can invite each other and there’s no hassle with site administration.

The launch of Iconfinder Pro is just a first step, the company said. The team is currently working on a desktop app, a Photoshop plug-in and an icon font tool. A new image recognition algorithm is also in the works to help contributors automatically tag uploaded icons.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.20.40 PMThe subscription plan — the concept of which has become a bona fide trend in the tech industry for both consumers and businesses — is designed as an alternative to purchasing icons from stock photo sites.

Single users can subscribe for $29 per month; small teams of two to three users can subscribe for $69 per month; mid-sized teams of four to six users can subscribe for $129 per month and large teams of seven to 10 users can subscribe for $239 per month. Each of those plans throws in bonus months for a yearly subscription.

Monthly contracts are pay as you go, with the opportunity to cancel at any time without penalty. The annual payment is a renewable one-year contract. Discounted plans are available to non-profits, students, teachers and schools.

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