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Learn how to create life-saving code with IBM at TNW2019

Learn how to create life-saving code with IBM at TNW2019
Ailsa Sherrington
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Ailsa Sherrington

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Ailsa Sherrington is a former content marketer at TNW. Ailsa Sherrington is a former content marketer at TNW.

With new technology emerging, we can create and code solutions to the planet’s toughest problems. At TNW Conferencein Amsterdam this week, you can learn how at IBM’s workshops on blockchain, AI, machine learning, quantum computing, and IoT. In just two hours, you can take a deep dive into the technology of your choice.

Call for Codeis an annual event that brings together developers and data scientists to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Over 100,000 developers from 156 nations participated in 2018, building over 2,500 applications to help save lives.

This year, Call for Code is turning to healthcare as a leading focus. They’re inviting developers to create products that will help limit the effects of natural disasters, together with founding partner IBM, as well as the Linux Foundation, United Nations Human Rights, and the American Red Cross.

Last year’s winners built amazing projects, including a way to help firefighters monitor the spread of wildfires using IoT, determining the structural integrity of buildings post-disaster using IBM Watson, and special buoys that allow for responders to stay in touch when mobile connectivity fails.

If you’d like to learn how they did it, IBM is hosting several workshops at TNW Conference this Thursday and Friday. In these two-hour sessions, you’ll be taught how to hone your coding skills to develop life-changing products. Whether you’re interested in blockchain, machine learning, or quantum computing, we have workshops on the following topics for you: 

  • How blockchain can be applied to reduce the impact from natural disasters on human life
  • Machine learning deployment into practice
  • An introduction to quantum computing, including fundamental concepts and algorithms
  • How to build a cognitive IoT application that detects irregularities in the voltage of your connected household devices, using Node-RED in combination with Watson

Check out all the details and sign up now to join IBM’s Call for Code workshops – all you need is a TNW2019 ticket! Don’t have one yet? No problem – get yours here.

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