This article was published on February 20, 2017

We’re hunting for young startups with massive growth potential

We’re hunting for young startups with massive growth potential
Matthew Elworthy
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Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

Where do startups go to secure much-needed facetime with investors, partners and early-adopters?

For companies like Typeform, GitLab, Rapportive, Prezi and thousands more – they went to TNW Conference.

Our Amsterdam event has long been recognized as a leading platform for helping startups to secure the capital, customers and coverage they need. Last year, for example, participating startups pre-booked 1439 meetings and raised over €14 million. This May we expect to blow those figures out of the water.

Here’s five of the biggest reasons why:

1. New programs for each stage of company growth

From Bootstrap to Series A, each of our four startup programs have been tailored to offer your company the sort of exposure it needs at its current stage of growth.

Got the basis for a great idea or a proof of concept? Bootstrap has been built for you. Taken seed funding and looking for your Series A? You’re ready for Boost

This year we’ve also added Scale, co-hosted by EQT Ventures, for Series A companies with significant traction, and Impact – our program for shining a spotlight on the companies solving the world’s most significant problems.

All four programs share the same application process, with our team helping to place you in the program most relevant to you.

2. A revamped business floor

2017 will see our business floor split into five villages based on carefully curated verticals:

But what does this mean for your startup?

By exhibiting in the right village, your conversations are guaranteed to be with potential customers, clients, investors and partners that are all relevant. It’s just one of the many steps – alongside our networking app and matchmaking tool – that we’re taking to make networking more efficient.

3. Investor, mentor and corporate office hours

Since 2006, more than $2 billion has been raised by the startups who have launched or presented at TNW Conference. This year more than a hundred investors have already been confirmed on our site – but it’s not all about the money.

After significant feedback, we’re also making it easier to meet potential corporate partners and mentors too, by introducing office hours for both. All startup team packs come with at least three tickets, making it possible for you to maintain a continuous presence at your exhibition booth while your co-founder has back-to-back meetings packed with awesome opportunity.

4. The Pitch Tower

Let’s face it, with a constant stream of on-stage startup pitches, it can be hard to keep an audience engaged when it’s your turn to step out on stage.

Not at TNW Conference.

We’re quite literally taking startup pitches to another level in 2017, with a custom built pitching and spectating tower. Three floors of spectators and an LED floor counting down your allotted time means that this won’t be a stress-free experience – but it’s guaranteed to be exciting.

Take a look at the basic infrastructure teaser from our production team:

5. Europe’s leading technology festival

This is no small claim, but we’re not short of proof either. Last year’s event delivered a true festival experience, in every sense of the word. Take a look at the aftermovie below and apply for our startup programs here. What have you got to lose?

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