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This article was published on February 14, 2020

How to read a best-selling book in 12 minutes

How to read a best-selling book in 12 minutes
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TLDR: With a 12min Micro Book Library subscription, you can experience hundreds of non-fiction best sellers, each in just 12 minutes.

If you’re a heavy reader, your list never gets any shorter, does it? Because no sooner do you devour one book, then two more spring up to take its place on your never-ending list of gotta-read-it tomes.

Unless you’ve got super-speed, reading takes time. Fortunately, 12min has found a loophole in that process so you can down an entire book in just 12 minutes. We can get in on fast tracking your reading list with a lifetime 12min premium subscription, available now for only $39, 88 percent off, from TNW Deals.

The 12min team has assembled quite a library, including hundreds of best-selling non-fiction books all boiled down to their pure essences. Their experts read-and-re-read the book, then craft fully synthesized and optimized distillations of the work’s main themes and styles. These encapsulations aren’t just book summaries — they’re truly unique works in their own right.

With this subscription, all you’ve got to do is settle on areas of interest or places to expand your knowledge, find those books covering topics like economics, parenting, management, personal development and more, then dive in.

You can download a 12min book in either text or audio form so it’s always available, whether you’ve got an internet connection or not. That way, you’ll also have something new to read and think about anytime you find a spare 12 minutes in your day.

And if you find a book you’d like added to the 12min archive, upvote it and the team might add it to the catalogue in the future.

Get lifetime access to hundreds of 12min microbooks, a $346.50 value,  now at almost 90 percent off, only $39. Or just try out 12min for a year at only $19.99, which is a 72 percent savings off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.

12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription – $39

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