This article was published on January 18, 2011

How to: Integrate PeerIndex into Twitter Profile Pages

How to: Integrate PeerIndex into Twitter Profile Pages

In the days of “social currency,” measuring a person’s online worth has become meaningful for some, while still seen as shallow and skewed for others. If you’re one of the former and the idea of seeing someone’s PeerIndex score next to their profile stats on Twitter excites you, now you can. With a new Kynetx application, the PeerIndex value will show up along side the stats for Tweets, Followers and Listed.

The extension was built by Ed Orcutt, a self-described pragmatic coder. He writes that the extension was inspired by Mike Grace’s Load Stuff Inline in Twitter Stream.

Install the extension here for Firefox and Chrome or visit Orcutt’s blog post. With application installed, click on the profile image in the Twitter stream to display the users’ profile pane, which will now include their PeerIndex.

That is of course, if you want to trust PeerIndex. I have my doubts because it thinks my name is Colton Myers.

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