This article was published on January 25, 2011

How selling the world’s biggest daily deal just made LivingSocial king

How selling the world’s biggest daily deal just made LivingSocial king

We all heard about last week’s LivingSocial deal of purchasing a $20 Amazon gift card for a meer $10. The deal was record breaking with 1.3 million deals sold in 24 hours.

That’s 100,000 deals sold per hour, or 80 deals sold per second. Believe it or not, that also means 1 out of every 212 Americans over the age of 18 bought one.

LivingSocial may have taken a hit for this deal, but can you put a price on the marketing value of such a campaign? How far did this deal really go? We pulled up some stats for you.

Traffic to their site skyrocketed. The Amazon deal page alone earned over 7,000 tweets and 45,000 shares on Facebook.

Social mention of LivingSocial exploded. January 19th saw an unmeasurable increase in LivingSocial’s social media mentions with a total of 4,670 mentions in just 24 hours. These share stats don’t even include the 1000+ major news stories and blog posts that were also shared on an exponential level.

Growing the LivingSocial Brand. On January 19th, @LivingSocial Twitter followers grew by an unprecedented 4,639 (and that’s a whole lot more people to which to promote future deals).

Success? Until last week, Groupon held the title of most deals sold for a Gap deal ($25 for $50) selling 441,000 deals.

LivingSocial has now more than doubled that number with their Amazon deal.