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This article was published on November 8, 2019

How to opt out of Revolut’s data sharing policies

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How to opt out of Revolut’s data sharing policies
Matthew Beedham
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Matthew Beedham

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From November 12, startup digital-only challenger bank Revolut will share user data with credit bureaus, social media companies, and analytics firms, Silicon Republic reported.

On one hand, data sharing helps businesses create revenue streams and target customers with more relevant advertisements. On the other hand, data sharing is an invasion of privacy.

But don’t despair, Revolut does give you the opportunity to opt out of its policy.

Alongside sharing user data with credit bureaus, Revolut also shares information for marketing purposes. As a result, there are two things you’ll need to opt out of.

Opt out of third-party marketing

1. Open the Revolut app and navigate to your personal dashboard.

2. Then click the gear icon in the top right corner. This will open the settings menu, as seen below.

Revolut, app, settings, menu, fintech, bank
Revolut app settings menu

3. Click the “Privacy” option to navigate to the relevant options menu. It should look a little something like the screenshot below.

Revolut, app, fintech, bank
Privacy settings in the Revolut app

4. To opt out of targeted marketing, make sure the slider button is blue and to the right. In this menu you can also opt out of receiving marketing communications and sharing your Revolut account with friends, if you so wish.

Opt out of credit bureau data sharing

Opting out of having your data shared with credit card bureaus is a little more finicky.

1. As before, navigate to your personal dashboard, but this time click the speech bubble that has a little question mark in it. This will open the “help” options.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the help options and find the “chat to us” section (as below.)

Revolut dashboard options screen

3. Click “New chat.” This will open a window where you can chat with a bot or service desk rep at Revolut.

Bank, fintech, options, help
Revolut help options

4. Now, simply type in the chat box that you want to opt out of all Revolut’s data sharing policies.

Now, I’ll be honest. It didn’t go that well for me, but I eventually got the response I wanted. As there were no humans available, I conversed with one of Revolut’s bots, which didn’t seem to understand what I was asking.

Take a look at the conversation transcript below.

When you’re successful though, Revolut will say that it will take the appropriate action and in 24 hours you will have opted-out of Revolut’s data sharing policy.

Good luck!

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