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This article was published on October 20, 2011

How GoToManage Gives IT Professionals Freedom and Flexibility [Sponsored]

How GoToManage Gives IT Professionals Freedom and Flexibility [Sponsored]
Go To Manage

This post is sponsored by GoToManage. See how easy it is to take control of your network, computers and servers without disrupting your life by creating a free mobile account. Download the GoToManage app and enter your new GoToManage username and password to begin providing unlimited, free remote support from your iPad.

With the rise of workshifting and greater mobility for IT professionals and the customers they serve, GoToManage for iPad offers increased flexibility and convenience. You can travel, work from home, spend time with family, and achieve greater work/life balance while staying connected to the office as needed. GoToManage for iPad is free, but paid GoToManage subscribers enjoy additional features while using GoToManage for iPad.

Whether you’re vacationing on the beach, watching your child’s basketball game, or stuck at home due to bad weather, GoToManage for iPad gives you the freedom to support your team or clients without being chained to a desk. After all, IT professionals are people, too, and you have more obligations than simply managing machines.

Connecting over 3G and WiFi, this cloud-based platform facilitates unlimited remote support on demand and works seamlessly with your existing firewalls. No special configurations or lengthy installations needed. And because IT has become such a multi-platform world, GoToManage works with both Macs and PCs.

Now whenever technical issues arise (as they inevitably do), you can quickly and easily access the user’s machine and provide the timely support they need with just a few taps on your iPad. All the information you need is literally at your fingertips.

Help your VP of Marketing install a new printer so he can print an important presentation before catching an early-morning flight. Fix a software glitch on a customer service rep’s machine so she can answer customer questions. Instantly transfer files to remote machines as needed.

GoToManage for iPad eliminates unnecessary travel to trouble-shoot at the office or a client site, saving you valuable time and commute costs. Plus, if a natural disaster or a pandemic strikes, you’ll be able to get the job done without braving the elements.

Here are a few of the features that make GoToManage for iPad the ideal tool for IT and software professionals on the go:

  • Intuitive touch and gesture controls: GoToManage for iPad’s simple yet powerful functionality ensures a short learning curve so you can focus on fixing problems instead of learning new software.
  • Security: GoToMeeting uses 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords, and end-to-end user authentication to protect your company or client’s network from security breaches.
  • Zoom capabilities: Zoom in up to 300% and pan across the user’s machine to zero in on important details and operate with maximum precision.
  • Adjustable performance: Manage your settings to optimize speed or appearance depending on the situation.
  • Free 24/7 support: Sometimes even IT professionals need tech support, so GoToManage offers free around-the-clock support to help resolve issues whenever and wherever you need.
  • Session reporting: Keep track of past sessions using session reporting. Also use in-session chat and notes for added convenience.*
  • Access to unattended workstations and servers: Even if a machine is unattended, you can restart it remotely and automatically reconnect.*

*Additional GoToManage for iPad features for GoToManage and GoToAssist Express subscribers.

Plus, the full version of GoToManage includes these features:

  • Customizable notifications: Set proactive notifications so you’ll know instantly when a critical threshold is met (for instance, when disk space falls below 10 percent). With custom alerts, you’ll be aware of potential issues before they snowball into a bigger problem.
  • Detailed reporting: The GoToManage Crawler runs continuously, tracking changes and securely transferring information to the GoToManage data center to keep you up-to-date on the analytics that matter to you and customers.
  • Trend visualization: Detailed network and traffic monitoring along with multiple reporting formats for health and performance trends allow you to visualize key developments and manage all devices in one place.
  • Two-way screen sharing and live chat: Discuss issues with customers or coworkers in real time and see exactly what they’re describing. Remote diagnostics and control of the client’s desktop let you problem solve quickly with minimal disruption to your life.
  • Unlimited dashboards: Set up dynamically generated dashboards to visualize what’s happening in real time. Also take advantage of multiple site and client monitoring from a single account. Dashboards are fully customizable to your needs and preferences.
  • Real-time inventory: Track inventory of hardware and software and control devices from anywhere. Know at a glance what devices you have on the network and check configuration details for each device and its software. You can also monitor server health and perform other essential tasks.

GoToManage for iPad gives IT pros a battery of useful tools to run an effective help desk even when they can’t physically be at the desk. The ability to respond and react to problems from anywhere gives you added mobility and flexibility. You could be out to dinner or relaxing at home when issues arise, and GoToManage for iPad makes it easy for you to fix the problem and go back to enjoying your life.