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This article was published on May 28, 2011

How Facebook pushes updates to its site every day

How Facebook pushes updates to its site every day

“From the open-floor plan to quick turnaround from internal tests to production traffic, Facebook has always been obsessed with moving fast and iterating on ideas.”
Pedram Keyani from What it’s like to work at Facebook?

So how does a site with over 600 million members and over 300 million daily visitors push updates to its site? With new features, bug fixes and product improvements added every day and over 500 engineers all working on improving things, keen to get their updates live, what are the nitty gritty processes that make it happen?

In this video, Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s release engineer, dives into the tools and processes his team uses to make it possible to update Facebook on a daily basis – with rarely a public mishap.