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This article was published on October 19, 2016

This app lets you print your most horrible tweets on beautiful posters

This app lets you print your most horrible tweets on beautiful posters

Twitter sometimes is often a cesspool of despair, but I would lie if I wouldn’t acknowledge that there’s some pretty great stuff on it, too.

Regardless of the category in which your tweets fall, Onehundredforty makes them look pretty by printing them on a fancy poster.

When you sign in with your Twitter account it pulls in tweets, automatically ranking them by ‘magic’. It’s unclear what this means, but this was one of the tweets it put at the top:

Not one of my best tweets I’d say — it has zero likes or retweets — but it’s short enough to neatly fit on a poster. This is what it looks like:


Not bad — maybe the letters are a bit off, but some would argue that actually adds to the ‘design’ vibe of the poster.

Unfortunately there are very limited options to customize the end product. The only thing you can change is the overall design, without being able to edit the text, choose a different font or pick a background. There is, however, the option to write a tweet from scratch.

When I picked one of my more popular tweets, it instantly looked like a mess — probably because it has way too many characters to remain legible:


The prints are sold for $59 including free shipping, which make it a fun gift for a design-loving friend, or anyone that loves anyone who’s on Twitter: