This article was published on February 1, 2012

HootSuite releases its Engagement API and adds Digg, Trendspottr, and InboxQ apps

HootSuite releases its Engagement API and adds Digg, Trendspottr, and InboxQ apps

Social media management dashboard HootSuite is continuing its push out into the social sphere, announcing the release of its Engagement API (application programming interface), which will be accompanied by a wave of new apps.

Launched in 2008, HootSuite is a platform that lets users manage multiple social networks through a single dashboard, and the Vancouver-based company has grown into a global social media brand used by individuals and companies. Indeed, just two weeks ago we reported on its 3 millionth sign-up, a milestone heralded by one million new accounts in the previous six months.

Now, HootSuite is seeking to capitalize on this recent growth and build its platform for partners and third-party developers with the new API. From today, users can gain access to a slew of new apps in Hootsuite’s App Directory, including Digg, Trendspottr, and InboxQ. These apps are available now for HootSuite Basic, Pro, and Enterprise account holders globally.

With the Digg app for HootSuite, users can view current top news stories, search stories, Digg stories, discover and share content using the dashboard, whilst the TrendSpottr app lets users search for trending content by topic, keyword or phrase, as well as select from a list of popular searches. The addition of an InboxQ app to HootSuite’s arsenal lets users find questions on Twitter based on keyword and phrase searches, fine tune search results, and engage directly with those asking questions.

Back in December, we reported that Summify, Constant Contact and Formulists had been added, in addition to YouTube, Tumblr, Get Satisfaction and Flickr that had been added when the App Directory launched back in November. A number of new apps will be added shortly, including Reddit, Blogger and Yammer.

“With over three million SME users and an estimated six million by the end of this year, our goal is to provide a directory of applications that expand the functionality of the HootSuite platform,” says HootSuite’s CEO, Ryan Holmes. “Developers and partners will highly benefit from the functional and promotional exposure to our influential users with the apps they develop. Brands and businesses want to meet their audiences where they are, and that means engaging across multiple channels and networks; our partner programs and integrations in the HootSuite App Directory allow us to steadily launch new purpose-specific tools into the dashboard to satisfy these needs.”

By opening up the Engagement API, the core social network management, publishing and scheduling features within HootSuite are enabled in third party platforms and applications. Additional Engagement API tweaks and further APIs are scheduled in the near future.

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