This article was published on October 16, 2012

HootSuite announces physical Social Media Command Centers for enterprises

HootSuite announces physical Social Media Command Centers for enterprises

Social media management dashboard HootSuite is launching a new Social Media Command Center product, giving businesses a master control to manage all the online conversations going on around their brand.

Launched in 2008, HootSuite is a platform that lets users manage multiple social networks through a single dashboard, and the Vancouver-based company has grown into a global social media brand used by individuals and companies alike.

Now, to help illustrate its proposed use-cases for the new Command Center when it rolls out shortly, HootSuite asks: “Imagine the New York stock exchange without its big screen TVs. Information is power, and when displayed visually on a large-scale, its potential is simply…unlimited.”

Indeed, it’s well-established that some of the major brands such as Gatorade and the Super Bowl use social media command centers, to ensure their fingers are on the social pulse and they react in real-time to conversations as they arise. Now, HootSuite is jumping on board with this concept and letting its customers tap a potentially-powerful social media measurement and management product. One that will let companies really keep their fingers on the pulse, with access to KPIs in real-time, and the ability for Sales or Customer Support to respond super fast.

So…what exactly does this command center look like?

Well, full details are a little sketchy, but it is a physical hub for enterprises. Going by the Gatorade set-up, which tapped a partnership between Radian6 and IBM for their custom-built set-up, HootSuite’s may look a little something like this artist’s impression:

Indeed, we do know that it will consist of three key components – wall displays, work stations and mobile devices.

The command center can be deployed company-wide, and although it will be available to all firms, it seems this would lend itself better to bigger companies that have to constantly track online conversations across multiple social networks. CRM, sales, support, can all use them for their own specific audiences, and monitor the key metrics as they happen.

“All the features that make the HootSuite dashboard an invaluable tool for businesses will now be given a throne in the hearts of these same companies; a hub where every social interaction can be seen, studied and spread,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “HootSuite continues to develop and acquire tools to support the growing needs of today’s social businesses who take advantage of the opportunities  for return of investment through proper engagement with social.”

The Social Media Command Center will be made available to HootSuite Enterprise clients “soon”. Interested parties are being asked to register their interest here.

Image Credit – Robyn Beck/Getty Images