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Under the hood: 10 design newsletters that will spark your inspiration

Under the hood: 10 design newsletters that will spark your inspiration
Yufen Chen
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Yufen Chen

Yufen Chen is a freelance researcher and writer in New York. Yufen Chen is a freelance researcher and writer in New York.

This post originally appeared on the Fueled blog.

There are plenty of ways to stay informed in the interactive design space. Plugging in via Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram however can often lead to fruitless searches. If you’re looking for curated highlights and practical tools and tips, why not consider the humble newsletter?

We’ve put together ten top-notch newsletters that provide combinations of hands-on design suggestions, new approaches, and featured work from around the globe. Find the editorial mission that aligns with your design goals and get a regular dose of inspiration.

The Smashing Newsletter

The Smashing Magazine newsletter has been around since 2010 and has 175K+ subscribers. This newsletter focuses on current topics in the interactive space.

The <3 of EU tech

The latest rumblings from the EU tech scene, a story from our wise ol' founder Boris, and some questionable AI art. It's free, every week, in your inbox. Sign up now!

When subscribing, scroll down and check out any of the 100+ previous newsletters in their handy archive. After you subscribe, you’ll receive a free e-Book full of practical web advice from the last two years. Then sit back and receive useful tips and great editorial advice for designers and developers every other Tuesday.

➤ The Smashing Newsletter

Sacha Greif

If you like the idea of signing up to a newsletter and getting a free eBook, Sacha Greif sends design tips alongside startup stories straight to your inbox every Sunday.

This newsletter is a great way to stay on top of new user experience challenges in the entrepreneurial tech world. Straight from a well-known UI Designer, the content is thoughtful and authentic.

➤ Sacha Greif


UIE Tips

Jared Spool is one of the world’s leading usability experts. Jared and his User Interface Engineering (UIE) team assemble a newsletter that examines user experience and usability approaches.

UIEtips includes visual design, user research, strategic and process-oriented articles, as well as podcasts based on the team’s industry and client experience.

➤ UIE Tips

Responsive Web Design Weekly

Need to read up on everything related to the responsive Web, but don’t want to wade through Google search results? Then this weekly update by Justin Avery is for you.

Since May 2012, this newsletter has bundled tools and solutions, unique examples and interviews with responsive design developers. This newsletter recently celebrated its 100th edition and counts over 17,500 subscribers.

➤ Responsive Design Weekly



The Codrops newsletter presents specific examples of exceptional design execution and provides how-to guides to reproducing them. Filled with font types, icons and CSS tips, this is a valuable newsletter for folks who aren’t afraid of reading code or experimenting and are looking to gain new skills.

➤ Codrops

2nd Tuesday

2nd Tuesday is a monthly digest provided by, a community-based website for web designers and developers. If weekly updates are too much for you, then subscribe to this monthly newsletter filled with blogs, news and tutorials.

➤ 2nd Tuesday



The PSFK newsletter brings together design trends with ideas across advertising and major industries including auto, fashion, travel, health and retail. It also provides job opportunities across a range of design roles. If you don’t want to be swamped with daily emails, sign up for the weekly version and select the “design” category.

➤ psfk

Fast Company Design Weekly

This newsletter from Fast Company connects business, innovation and design. Articles here will give you a sense of how design is shaping culture and driving business value. The online subscription process is a bit tedious but once you get through, you will receive daily or weekly summaries of interesting design projects making headlines in the commercial world.

➤ Fast Company Design Weekly

kickstarter belt bike

Core 77

Core 77′s monthly newsletter addresses a variety of industrial design content across the globe. Each issue contains featured articles, top blog posts, jobs and an events calendar. It’s an extensive calendar that combines conferences, creative festivals, local lectures, parties, awards and competition deadlines.

A recap of the month’s Flotspotting, a round up of the hottest blogs and discussions, are also fun to read.

➤ Core 77

Designboom Daily and Weekly

Founded in 1999, designboom was founded as a magazine focusing on architecture and design. Today, the newsletter covers these fields along with technology and art.

The daily newsletter feels like a two-minute stroll though an elegant design park on a beautiful day. The ads are quite indistinguishable from the content, as they should be, provoking you to stop and admire only if you have the time. The bi-weekly newsletter summarizes and reconfigures the week’s content in categories, creating a convenient archive for future use.

➤ designboom Daily and Weekly

Why search for fresh design inspiration when it can be delivered straight to your inbox? Share these resources with your team to keep everyone motivated and on their toes when it comes to forward-thinking design.

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