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This article was published on November 11, 2016

Hometalk has started a DIY revolution

Hometalk has started a DIY revolution
Brian de Graft
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Brian de Graft

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Brian is a Junior Marketer on The Next Web’s Events team. He writes articles and social media posts for our conferences, plus other text-rel Brian is a Junior Marketer on The Next Web’s Events team. He writes articles and social media posts for our conferences, plus other text-related bits and bobs.

In the lead-up to SCALE, our early-stage startup growth program, we’re profiling startups we believe show exceptional promise. Catch up with 60 of the world’s hottest startups at TNW NYC in New York on November 16th.

Today, we bring you Hometalk, the world’s largest DIY community. With its millions of members and viral video tutorials, it’s become the go-to place for anyone looking to breathe life into their home or garden using cheap and often unconventional materials.

We asked Moe Mernick, the company’s Head of Business Development, some questions on Hometalk’s success, and can’t wait to find out more at SCALE!

Tell us what you do in two sentences

We help people make their homes better through DIY. With 40 million monthly visits, and a community of six million members, Hometalk is the world’s leading DIY home & garden community.

What’s your origin story? How did the company get started?

It all started when the founders identified a need for greater transparency in the home and garden space. They initially thought that contractors would post the content (to attract new customers), but found that bloggers and homeowners began to enthusiastically share their creative ideas. Today, there are over 100,000 user-generated DIY tutorials that have been viewed over one billion times!

One of your videos recently surpassed 55 million views. What’s special about that one video?

Perhaps the video embodies the very ethos of Hometalk: People empower and teach each other to make their homes better (without spending more money!)

Who is your biggest rival and why are you better than them?

We are often compared to Pinterest and asked how we are different. The answer is simple:

  1. Hometalk focuses exclusively on helping you improve your home & garden. This singular focus enriches the depth and scope of content (think step by step tutorials directly from the people doing the projects) and makes Hometalk the go-to destination for people improving their homes and looking for advice and feedback from peers.
  2. Hometalk is so much more than just a source for inspiration. It’s actionable! The combination of step-by-step tutorials and a supportive, knowledgeable community drives people not only to plan projects, but more importantly to get these projects done!

Get rich or change the world – which is more important and why?

As we recently rejected a lucrative acquisition offer, our answer is clear: we are in it to change the world. And from the incredible feedback we constantly receive from our Hometalkers, we know that we are well on the way to doing so :)

Tell us one weird fact about a member of your team.

Our 49-person team is mostly female and hails from 10 different countries!

What are you hoping to get out of SCALE?

As we branch into e-commerce and begin to work closely with brands (ie. branded content), we hope to develop strategic partnerships at the event that will help us SCALE!

Don’t miss Hometalk, along with 60 more of the world’s most promising startups, at TNW NYC on November 16th!


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