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This article was published on November 28, 2011

Home Shopping gets a facelift thanks to Randi Zuckerberg and the Olsen twins

Home Shopping gets a facelift thanks to Randi Zuckerberg and the Olsen twins

As we know, today is Cyber Monday in the U.S. That means that all of the people who aren’t crazy enough to have visited stores on Black Friday, can sit in the comfort of their own homes or offices and buy a lot of crap that they don’t need.

BeachMint wants to revamp a tried and true model, home shopping networks. You know, the channels that show attractive hosts hawking items for hours and hours on end, swearing to us that everything is in limited numbers, so you better hurry up and dial.

Randi Zuckerberg, having just left Facebook to start her social media agency R to Z Media, has teamed up with BeachMint to bring you an all-day “home shopping experience”, hosted on Facebook.

The live video segments will feature, beginning today at 10am PT, BeachMint partners and designers Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

During the livestreamed telecast, you’ll be able to purchase the deals that the hosts are talking about, much like you would on the Home Shopping Network. However, a telephone isn’t required, thanks to the Internet.

BeachMint was founded by MySpace Co-Founder, Josh Berman, and Diego Berdakin. The company is launching small curated sites with designers such as Kate Bosworth, Jessica Simpson, and the Olsen Twins. It hopes that this approach can beat out the nameless and faceless daily deals style of sales that has become so hot these days.

Will you tune in and buy? I’ll be checking in to see how it all goes, as bringing known names together with fashion and technology is a brilliant play in my opinion.

Cyber Monday with BeachMint and the Olsen’s

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