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This article was published on November 18, 2020

Highly rated App Store and Play Store language learning app, Babbel, is now half off

Highly rated App Store and Play Store language learning app, Babbel, is now half off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Babbel’s iconic language learning system can get you speaking and understanding in any of 14 different languages in just one month.

When you do a fast search around the web for the best language learning apps, you’ll find lots of different Best Of lists. And when you start pouring through which services all these outlets think are the pinnacle, you’ll inevitably see some of the same names featured everywhere. From CNET to PCMag, the cream rises to the top — and the name that appears on all of those lists is Babbel Language Learning.

That’s no surprise, considering Babbel is the world’s top-grossing language learning app, notching its 10 millionth subscriber earlier this year. You can find out why Babbel is so popular with this offer granting access to training in 14 different languages for life for half off its regular price, just $199 from TNW Deals.

Backed by a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from almost half a million Apple and Google users, Babbel makes a straightforward promise: to get dedicated users conversant in a new language within 30 days.

Using a method developed by over 100 expert linguists, users can pick their language, then tap into more than 8,500 hours of high quality language education. Babbel experts cherry-pick the best empirically proven, most time-tested strategies for teaching a language, then fashion them into 10-15 minute bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into a user’s schedule.

Babbel lessons begin by building a student’s basic conversational skills, feeding them vocabulary and context around useful real life subjects like travel, family, business, food and more. Progressive lessons then link sessions together into an interlinking framework, crafting the shortest path to help students get to real-life conversations.

Meanwhile, Babbel’s personalized lesson reviews inspect that training, using speech recognition technology to make sure users are speaking their new language the right way and truly understanding all the training. 

Right now, this deal grants a lifetime of access to all of Babbel’s language learning resources in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, German and more so you can learn as much as you want at your own pace. Regularly $399, the current offer cuts that price in half, down to only $199.

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