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This article was published on April 17, 2020

Here’s how you can find out if your business idea actually has legs

Here’s how you can find out if your business idea actually has legs
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TLDR: The Idea Validation Bootcamp puts any business idea through the ultimate test to determine if you’ve got a plan that can really become a success.

Everybody thinks they have a great idea for a business. But do they really?

The answer, in many cases, is probably yes. We all likely have at least one grand notion that could translate into a successful business. However, most of us don’t have the knowledge or background to stress-test that idea properly, plugging major holes, addressing big questions and rounding your idea into a form that could actually serve as a working template for a new enterprise.

Idea Validation Bootcamp is a system that puts your idea through the gauntlet and lets you know if it’s a vision that can actually get up on its own two feet. Right now, you can check out the process with a lifetime subscription for just $29.99, almost 70 percent off the regular price, from TNW Deals.

With Idea Validation Bootcamp, your startup idea is vetted through a four-phase, four-week process, with each phase capped with a critical, focused assignment.

During research, users develop a research plan that helps guide their approach throughout the idea validation process. In Expert Validation, the idea gets in front of relevant and credible industry experts to understand the viability of the plan. In Customer Discovery, users take a  methodical approach to identify if the idea aligns with what customers actually want — and at a price they’re willing to pay. Finally, Elevator Pitch boils everything down to a concise, compelling synopsis of your business to pitch investors, secure partnerships, and more.

During each week, students connect 1-on-1 with an experienced startup coach who’s driven other founders to startup success. And as if that wasn’t enough, the community features access to over 20,000 potential mentors around the globe that you can engage via Slack, email, and forums. 

Idea Validation Bootcamp’s custom learning management software helps streamline the entire process, offering a seamless, centralized place to learn, take action and engage. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a prepped-and-ready business plan that’s set to answer the most important questions your potential investors and other stakeholders need to know.

Regularly priced at $99.99, this offer will give you lifetime access to the Idea Validation Bootcamp community for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.