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This article was published on August 29, 2016

Here’s how to get a refund if you bought the PC version of ‘No Man’s Sky’

Here’s how to get a refund if you bought the PC version of ‘No Man’s Sky’
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

No Man’s Sky (NMS) is a truly remarkable game with untold potential. Sadly, it only gives you the warm and fuzzies for the first few hours. Soon after, the excitement wears off. What replaces it is a feeling of repetition as you explore a different-looking planet and ultimately find the same things.

It’s easily the biggest gaming disappointment in 2016.

Steam recognizes this, and it has altered its return policy ever-so-slightly to accommodate a mob of slighted gamers. Typically, Steam only issues refunds if you’ve played no more than two hours and purchased the game no longer than 48 hours ago.  Steam wasn’t alone in making exceptions for NMS, either.

Users on an online forum reported getting refunds from Amazon, GOG, Humble Bundle and PSN, as well.

A Reddit post gives great advice for how to go about getting this refund:

As the post says, 10 to 15 hours may be the upper ceiling in how long you can play the game and still expect a refund. In fairness though, some disappointed Reddit users have reported spending 50-plus hours in-game only to be disappointed they didn’t receive a refund. If you’ve spent that amount of time on just about anything semi-enjoyable, the $60 is well worth it.

Console gamers are still mostly shitty out of luck. Hopefully the offer is extended and we can refund everyone’s money, release No Man’s Sky two years from now on the PlayStation NEO and Xbox One S as a more polished version of itself — perhaps with an added story arc.

For now though, you can take it back to GameStop and get around $35 — which constitutes legalized highway robbery.

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