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This article was published on November 29, 2019

Here are the Black Friday deals you really shouldn’t miss

Here are the Black Friday deals you really shouldn’t miss
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Since Black Friday bargains come and go, get in on these fantastic limited-time offers on headphones, language training, cloud storage and more before they’re gone.

You’ve got to be smart about this Black Friday thing. If you wait too long, all the best deals are gone and you spend the rest of December looking for a similar bargain. Or even worse, you can’t find one and pay full price because…well, you’ve got a ticking clock.

You can take the stress out of holiday shopping by just picking up a bunch of great offers right now at Black Friday prices. These nine options are all significantly discounted from their regular price, with many over 90 percent off.

Kharbon IP67 Wireless Earbuds – $63.20 (Orig. $200) with promo code: BFSAVE20

These earbuds have a major selling point that should get your attention: 150 hours of battery life. No matter your plans, no matter where you’re going, these rugged, Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, ergonomically designed wireless wonders will keep delivering well beyond other models.  They’re also over 50 percent off with this current offer.

Wave.Video Creator Plan Subscriptions – $18.00 (Orig. $99) with promo code: BFSAVE40

With user-friendly templates and an archive of over 1.5 million videos, images and audio clips, Wave.Video can help you craft a cool marketing or social video in minutes. For $70 off a 1-year subscription, create just the video you want, customize it your way, then export in 11 different video formats or just publish it directly to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and more.

Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry 32GB (No OS) – $153.20 (Orig. $279) with promo code: BFSAVE20

Get a PC that fits in your pocket for almost under $150. The Sirius B packs an Intel processor, 4GB of RAM, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and a host of connection ports. All you’ve got to do is connect to a monitor and keyboard and you’re ready to go.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription – $23.40 (Orig. $1,200) with promo code: BFSAVE40

ThunderDrive is the cloud storage option that runs six times faster than Amazon storage. With 2TBs of cloud space for life, you’ll have enough room to backup all your devices and save loads of important files with full reliability and heavy security for as long as you need at over 90 percent off.

Scopio Authentic Stock Photography: Lifetime Subscription – $17.40 (Orig. $1,740) with promo code: BFSAVE40

Don’t get sued for using digital images you don’t own. With Scopio, you can access literally thousands of commercial-friendly, royalty-free photos you can use for websites, marketing campaigns, sales materials, art projects and more. For under $20, it’s an incredible tool that’s also a lot cheaper than paying a copyright infringement claim.

Aura Meditation App Premium Subscriptions – $48.00 (Orig. $499) with promo code: BFSAVE40

Aura is the AI-driven meditation app that actually learns what you need to destress and lower anxiety.  For a lifetime subscription at almost 90 percent off, Aura delivers short meditation sessions on your schedule, gauges their effectiveness, then uses machine learning to structure future sessions that work best for you.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription – $36 (Orig. $1,199.75) with promo code: BFSAVE40

Pick five languages you want to learn — and Mondly’s state of the art speech recognition and cutting edge learning techniques will help get you fluent at your pace. Using conversation-based lessons with native speakers, you’ll build confidence and grow your vocabulary organically with quick, fun lessons. And at about $12 per language, the price of a foreign language will never come cheaper.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor – $179.35 (Orig. 249) with promo code: SAVEDUEXPRO

The DUEX offers the dual-monitor experience of an office from anywhere. This lightweight, durable, easy-to-use second screen attaches to your laptop for expanded working room that doubles your productivity.

iPM 3-in-1 Apple Watch, iPhone & AirPods Wireless Charging Dock – $36.00 (Orig. $119.99) with promo code: BFSAVE20

The is the Qi wireless compatible charging station that powers up all of your Apple devices at once. The iPM 3-in-1 remembers your devices and delivers power at the fastest, yet safest rate to keep an Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods all happy, all at the same time. Meanwhile, you save over 60 percent.

Don’t wait for Black Friday—you can get these top-sellers at deep discounts today!

Prices are subject to change.

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