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This article was published on March 26, 2013

    Take a moment to meet and congratulate the winners of The Next Web’s European Startup Awards 2013

    Take a moment to meet and congratulate the winners of The Next Web’s European Startup Awards 2013 Image by: Ingram Publishing
    Martin Bryant
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    Martin Bryant


    Martin Bryant is founder of Big Revolution, where he helps tech companies refine their proposition and positioning, and develops high-qualit Martin Bryant is founder of Big Revolution, where he helps tech companies refine their proposition and positioning, and develops high-quality, compelling content for them. He previously served in several roles at TNW, including Editor-in-Chief. He left the company in April 2016 for pastures new.

    In the run up to this year’s The Next Web Conference Europe, we’ve been running Startup Awards competitions and meetups in countries across the continent over the past two months. Now that we’re back home and have recovered from get-togethers in 12 cities, it’s time to round up all the winners.

    Winners were selected from public nominations and public voting, with oversight from The Next Web to make sure that the companies in the running were legitimate tech startups and not ‘Bob’s Print Shop, Bar & Grill’ looking for a little ill-deserved glory (trust us, they tried!).

    The winners each receive a ticket to The Next Web Conference Europe. Hopefully we’ll see you there too on 25-26 April 2013 in Amsterdam. Tickets are available now. If you move quickly, you’ll be able to grab a super early bird discount (32% off!) and join the TNW Academy class Let’s Fix Your Pitch by Brad McCarty for free.

    So, here are all the winners, presented in the order the awards took place. Congratulations to everyone below, and it was great meeting you while we were on the road.

    Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 2.36.21 PMGermany

    Startup of the year: SoundCloud

    Best co-founder: Alexander Ljung (SoundCloud)

    Best Web app: Twago

    Best mobile app: EyeEm

    Best design: Klash

    Best user experience: Quote.fm

    Best investor: Earlybird


    Startup of the year: Hailo

    Best co-founder: Alicia Navarro (Skimlinks)

    Best Web app: GoCardless

    Best mobile app: Hailo

    Best design: Clear

    Best user experience: Clear

    Best investor: Index Ventures


    Startup of the year: CurrencyFair

    Best co-founder: Paul Quigley (Newswhip)

    Best Web app: Redeem & Get

    Best mobile app: GetHealth

    Best design: GetHealth

    Best investor: Frontline Ventures


    Startup of the year: AppsFire

    Best co-founder: Yann Lechelle (AppsFire)

    Best Web app: Azendoo

    Best mobile app: Fidall

    Best design: Linxo

    Best user experience: Skimm

    Best investor: Kima Ventures


    Startup of the year: Mavenhut

    Best co-founder: Bobby Voicu (Mavenhut)

    Best Web app: SolitareArena

    Best mobile app: SlickFlick

    Best design: Zonga

    Best user experience: Zonga

    Best investor: Adrian Gheara


    Startup of the year: JobAndTalent

    Best co-founder: Maria G. del Pozuelo (Womenalia)

    Best Web app: Wuaki.tv

    Best mobile app: Yuilop

    Best design: Playspace

    Best user experience: MarketYou

    Best investor: Albert Armengol


    Startup of the year: Brainly

    Best co-founder: Mike Sadowski (Brand24)

    Best Web app: Brand24

    Best mobile app: Listonic

    Best design: UXPin

    Best e-commerce: PayLane

    Best investor: Artur Kurasiński


    Startup of the year: Bliep

    Best co-founder: Zlatan Menkovic (PeerReach)

    Best Web app: Thuisafgehaald

    Best mobile app: WappZapp

    Best design: Fashiolista

    Best e-commerce: Werk aan de Muur

    Best investor: Rockstart


    Startup of the year: TicketForEvent

    Best co-founder: Yaroslav Maxymovych (WithMyFriends)

    Best Web app: PlagSpotter

    Best mobile app: Jets

    Best design: Listen

    Best e-commerce: uGift

    Best investor: Vostok Ventures


    Startup of the year: LinguaLeo

    Best co-founder: Igor Sysoev (Nginx)

    Best Web app: Doctor Na Robote

    Best mobile app: Talkbits

    Best design: Dish.fm

    Best e-commerce: Ecwid

    Best investor: Runa Capital


    Startup of the year: Lokum

    Best co-founder: Nevzat Aydın (YemekSepeti)

    Best Web app: Inploid

    Best mobile app: Likely

    Best design: ShareBugg

    Best e-commerce: YemekSepeti

    Best investor: Etohum


    Startup of the year: TrustPilot

    Best co-founder: Peter Mühlmann (TrustPilot)

    Best Web app: Roozz

    Best mobile app: Endomondo

    Best design: Endomondo

    Best e-commerce: ClickATaxi

    Best investor: SEED Capital


    Image credit: Thinkstock