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This article was published on November 9, 2021

Here are 10 awesome deals on power generators and solar panels at special pre-Black Friday prices

Here are 10 awesome deals on power generators and solar panels at special pre-Black Friday prices
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Check out these early Black Friday prices on different backup power generators and battery packs for all your emergency needs. 

As you step back this year and admire your holiday lighting display, the one that could rival the Las Vegas Strip when viewed from space, it might be worth at least a passing thought to consider what happens if you’ve just single-handedly drained your regional power grid. There’s a lot of juice being consumed there, and beyond the ludicrous power bill you’ll receive in January, you should probably also be ready if your entire town goes black. 

Darkness is not an option — which is why we’re stepping up now with this pre-Black Friday Sale on 10 killer backup power generators and battery packs all available now. Plus, enjoy an extra 15 percent off each for a limited time by entering the sale code SAVE15NOV when you make your purchase.

May your holidays be merry and bright. Really, really bright.

HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station ($807.49 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $1,299)

This reliable, versatile, and portable backup battery power station is a beast. Packed with over 1,000 watt hours of juice on a single charge, this energy hub can not only supply a household’s power needs for up to a week, but its assortment of 8 different outputs makes it easy to plug in and charge up devices that run via AC, USB, even 12 volt, and beyond. Plus, it recharges easily from an AC outlet, your car battery, or a portable solar panel so it’s always ready to go. 

Generark Solar Generator: HomePower One and SolarPower One  ($1,149.15 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $1,399)

Speaking of that solar panel, how about just getting your HomePower One with that SolarPower One Portable solar panel at the same time? Just set up the panels in about 30 seconds, connect it to your power station, and let the monocrystalline solar cells create up to 50 percent higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional solar cells for fueling up fast. One panel alone can get the HomePower One fully charged from zero in under 20 hours. 

EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel ($246.59 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $399)

Also made up of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, this high-transparency panel converts up to 22 percent of solar energy into raw usable power for recharging all your batteries and more. The EcoFlow also makes it simple to chain panels together with just a parallel cable, boosting your power reserve exponentially. It’s even waterproof to survive the times when the climate shifts unexpectedly. 

EcoFlow River Max Portable Power Station ($382.46 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $599)

EcoFlow River Max and 110W Solar Panel ($586.46 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $889)

The River Max gets its name by maxing out a user’s charging potential. In addition to being about the use of its 288 watt-hour capacity to charge up to 10 devices simultaneously, the Max has an extra ace up its sleeve: a second battery that doubles its powers up to 576 watt-hours. With or without the solar panel, the River Max is ready to bulk up for extra power, or pare down for streamlined travel for outdoor adventures, or any time you need on-the-go power. 

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station ($535.49 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $629.99)

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station with 110W Solar Panel ($832.99 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $1,049)

Meanwhile, the River Pro boasts even more available juice, with a hulking 768 watt-hour capacity, made for those who need extra power reserves for off-grid, long haul adventures. It’s also equipped to serve power to up to 10 devices at once, with multiple outlet options, including 3 pure AC outlets. The entire package even weighs under 17 lbs., with a patented X-Stream technology that can charge the unit from zero up to 80 percent full in just over 90 minutes.

EcoFlow DELTA and 110W Solar Panel ($1,223.15 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $1,798)

Finally, the Delta is the Cadillac of the EcoFlow line, delivering a ginormous 1,260Wh battery capacity. With enough power to run most home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools, the Delta has six outputs and juice for days. And even with that massive power store, it only takes four hours with the accompanying solar panel to replenish its reservoir.

SolarEnergy Mini: Solar Panel and Power Bank Bundle ($98.60 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $139)

Power in a pinch is available with the trusty duo, which could easily stash in anyone’s outdoor gear for those emergencies. This 10 watt-hour lithium ion power bank along with the weather-resistant, collapsible SolarPanel 10 can fill up your power reserve after just a few hours in the sun. The battery is big enough to power up a standard smartphone 1.5 times off its stored energy. And it’s got a pair of USB ports to get two devices plugged in at once. 

Sun Chaser 20,000mAh Solar-Powered Wireless Phone Charger ($50.99 after code SAVE15NOV; regularly $129)

With a giant 20,000mAh capacity, this charger can simultaneously charge up 2 devices via its USB ports, and a third connecting wirelessly to any Qi-enabled device. It’s also packing advanced light-absorbing solar panels for absorbing and converting light to stored power. And just in case of emergency, this charger also includes a built-in LED floodlight that can illuminate an area up to 20 sq. ft.

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