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This article was published on May 17, 2015

Taylor Swift nabs Twitter’s first celebrity custom emoji #BadBloodMusicVideo

Taylor Swift nabs Twitter’s first celebrity custom emoji #BadBloodMusicVideo

Whether she’s trademarking her lyrics or inspiring a custom iOS keyboard, Taylor Swift has a knack for being on the cusp of tech trends.

Her latest coup is becoming the first celebrity to get a custom Twitter hashflag, introduced in advance of her heavily-trailed Bad Blood music video.

Add #BadBloodMusicVideo to a tweet and you’ll automatically get a custom emoji of a Bandaid with a bullet hole through it.


Sadly, the little graphic only appears to show up in the official Twitter app right now and not in third-party options, or, oddly the Web interface. Still, enjoy the novelty Swifties.

➤ Bang! Check out Taylor Swift’s customized ‘Bad Blood’ emoji [USA Today]

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