This article was published on March 9, 2019

Hacksaw Academy teaches you real programming skills in 30-minute sprints

Hacksaw Academy teaches you real programming skills in 30-minute sprints
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

We all want to learn new things. But whether it’s a language, photography, a tech specialty or any of a million other possibilities, there’s one reality that often gets in the way of embarking on that quest for knowledge:

You’re simply too busy. Of course you are. We’re ALL simply too busy.

Hacksaw Academy gets that. In fact, they’ve tailored a learning approach that caters to any “I’ve got no time” excuse. Right now, you can learn the essentials behind programming, site building, app creation and more with a lifetime subscription to Hacksaw Academy’s full roster of courses for just $49, over 90 percent off the regular price, from TNW Deals.

If you’re just wading into coding and the principles of creating for the web, Hacksaw offers the means to learn about all the key programming tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

But, with Hacksaw Academy courses, you ingest your new training in 30-minute sprints. Using their interactive editor, you’ll design and develop real, working hands-on projects, each focused on helping you learn a new discipline.

Whether you’re building a home page or a portfolio, Hacksaw’s projects get you centered on what you need to know to eventually use that knowledge to build your own web creations.

And, even if you find you can’t spare the 30 minutes needed to finish a lesson, no problem — just save your work and complete the training later.

Unlimited access to Hacksaw Academy training would usually cost $600, but with this limited-time offer, it’s available for a fraction of that price, only $49.

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