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This article was published on October 2, 2020

Growth hacking can make or break your startup business. This intro guidance can show the way

Growth hacking can make or break your startup business. This intro guidance can show the way
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TLDR: The Essential Growth Hacker Bundle gives entrepreneurs the tools to understand and launch an effective digital marketing strategy.

Now that we’ve spent the past two decades working out how digital marketing fits in a new business’ overall sales and engagement strategy, we’ve slowly taken our next step through the looking glass into the next stage of online business development: growth hacking.

In case you’re new to the term, it’s exactly like it sounds. It’s a short-term game plan focused on some core digital marketing tenets to boost brand awareness, cultivate potential customers and create excitement around a product or service as fast as possible.

It’s marketing on digitally-enhanced steroids — and with such a thin margin for most startups between success and failure, a growth hacking push could make all the difference. With the training in The Essential Growth Hacker Bundle ($29, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals), you’ll have the background to devise and execute a growth hacking plan of your own.

This bundle includes three separate courses with 10 hours of video content that delves into three critical areas to push brand awareness and help a business find a foothold in the harsh digital space.

The training starts with the Introduction to Digital Marketing. This is where even first-time marketers can get the lay of the land as the training explores all the most important digital channels that a growth hacker needs to understand to drive success. From social media marketing to search engine optimization to email campaigns to digital advertising, learners get a complete overview of how all those factors play into one sound, built-to-last digital marketing plan.

With social media playing such a vast (and growing) role in establishing a brand online, the Facebook Marketing and Advertising course goes right to the still brightest star in the social media universe, Facebook. The training can help a startup entrepreneur get their Facebook business page up and running, create best practices for posting engaging content, and devise effective strategies for using valuable Facebook features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights and more.

Finally, nothing succeeds with a reasoned, measured management strategy to drive it all forward — and that’s where Lean Management principles can help. This course gets into the core concepts of Lean, a popular project management methodology centered on optimized resources and constant incremental improvements. This process for streamlining your operations through ongoing systemic changes can then be applied to your business to help you improve your tools, techniques and ability to set and analyze your metrics.

Each piece of this collection is a $500 value in itself, but right now, the whole course package is on sale for about $10 per course, just $29.

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