This article was published on June 2, 2010

Gravatar’s 22 million social media profiles just went public.

Gravatar’s 22 million social media profiles just went public.

Remember back in March when Gravatar went all social-media and set up a 22 million person social network?

Since then, you’ve had time to update your Gravatar profile while it still remained private.  People have been asking Gravatar to allow outside linking of their profile page, according to, you finally can.

If you haven’t edited your profile yet, then get to it.  If you’re a user, you already have one.

In addition to now being publicly accessible, Gravatar has made some other changes, as well.  From the post at

  • Profile pages are completely public, and accessible via nice short links, for example (get your link from the bottom of your profile page)
  • foursquare and TripIt have been added to the list of accounts you can confirm via Gravatar (let us know in the comments if there are specific services you’d like to see supported)
  • You’re no longer limited to 140 characters when writing your bio, so go nuts and tell everyone your life story!
  • Custom Backgrounds! Upload any image (via the Gravatar profile editor) or pick any color and set it as the background for your public profile page.

So now, the site that we’ve all found endlessly useful has just taken another step into the right direction.  Of course, if you’d rather that your Gravatar profile not be public, then you can still edit your preferences on or directly from the Gravatar site.

For me, it’s time to say goodbye to sites like Magntize, and give a big, welcome hello to the new features from Gravatar.