This article was published on November 19, 2009

GoSquared Challenges Live Analytics Market

GoSquared Challenges Live Analytics Market
Matthew Ellis
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Matthew Ellis

Matt is based in Manchester, UK and works for Tenonine Inc., a venture capital firm. He has a great passion for business, technology, intern Matt is based in Manchester, UK and works for Tenonine Inc., a venture capital firm. He has a great passion for business, technology, internet startups and the web and he is the Junior Editor for TheNextWeb UK. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

With traffic analysis being an important part of understanding what’s happening GoSquaredon your site in terms of who’s come, where they’re coming from and what they’re doing, Go Squared have took an innovative step by offering LiveStats, a service where you can see everything in real time.

GoSquared are a company based in Kent, UK who offer various advertising solutions such as GetSeen and SellAds along with their latest development, LiveStats – a real-time traffic monitoring app for small and medium sized websites. Their website can be found at

GoSquared has been in the limelight recently due to the release of the eagerly-awaited, ‘LiveStats’. With many traffic analytic services offering hourly or sometimes daily updates, there can be a fairly lengthy wait before you realise what’s actually happening with your latest article. Fortunately, thanks to the recent development and ongoing efforts from GoSquared, you can now view every visitor to your site in real time.

With complex statistics offering the highest level of analysis, you can check up on how long a visitor has been on which pages of your site, the amount of activity and indeed where they’ve come from. The detail of analysis is amazing and presented in an extremely clean interface, with country, referrer, OS, browser and much more delivered to you GoSquared Interfaceinstantly. You really can get to know your visitors.

I feel LiveStats has a competitive edge over its rivals – perhaps foremost, Get Clicky. The interface seems so much more complex and although the level of analysis is similar, it seems GoSquared have gone a step further with the way the statistics are presented and in terms of what you can do with the stats, such as implementing a username API to identify visitors, GoSquared really have pioneered.

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Recently a round of beta invites were given out, unfortunately the beta is now closed however there are plans to have several more invite rounds in the near future so it’ll be worth keeping in the loop if you wish to get involved with the testing phase.

GoSquared have definitely spotted a gap in the market for live and instant traffic analysis and I think it opens many doors in terms of potential, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for ‘LiveStats’ and indeed, GoSquared.

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