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This article was published on September 28, 2017

    GoPro introduces Hero6 action cam

    GoPro introduces Hero6 action cam
    Inés Casserly

    GoPro CEO Nick Woodman today announced the release of the GoPro Hero6. Although the newest model might look nearly identical to Hero5, the improvements are major, and found within.

    Why should you consider an upgrade?

    To begin with, slow-mo frames have improved — in fact, they’ve doubled. Now, you can shoot 4K at 60 Frames per Second (FPS), 2.7K at 120FPS and even 1080p at 240FPS. The Hero6 also adds faster WiFi speeds for file transfer, and better image stabilization.

    There’s also an HDR mode, which replaces WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) in the previous model.

    GoPro has, it seems, chosen to differentiate itself from cheaper action cams by focusing on what’s most important: quality.

    With its new GP1 sensor, according to Woodman, the Hero6 “offers improved dynamic range, extensive manual controls, enhanced color reproduction and better lowlight performance.” These features are a step up from Ambarella imaging chips used in most action cameras.

    The Hero6 goes on sale today for $499, $100 more than its predecessor.