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This article was published on January 7, 2010

Google Site Clinic

Google Site Clinic
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Is an India based Blogger, gamer and a tech freak. @Vidyesh on Twitter Is an India based Blogger, gamer and a tech freak. @Vidyesh on Twitter

Google Site ClinicGoogle India has announced Site Clinic for Indian webmasters wherein the submitted websites would be analyzed by Google Experts to improve search quality. Selected sites will be personally evaluated by the Google employees and suggestions will be given to users based on the searches.  However, not every submitted site will be selected for the clinic and there will be a selection process where few websites will be chosen to take part in it.

You need to be a part of the Google Webmasters to submit your website. If your site is not part of Google Webmasters, you can sign up for it here before registering for the shortlist.

So Submit your site today as the last date of submissions is 20 January, 2010. To make sure your site gets accepted make sure you fulfil the following two requirements :

Our team will analyze websites submitted to the clinic. The plan is to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google’s search results.

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