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This article was published on April 19, 2017

Google Maps brings Timeline support to the iPhone and iPad

Google Maps brings Timeline support to the iPhone and iPad
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

Former Managing Editor, TNW

Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Google today announced an update to Google Maps that would bring the popular Timeline feature to iOS devices. The feature acts as a sort of mobile memory that allows users the ability to recall in great detail all the places they’ve been.

What was the name of that antique store I popped into the other day? Where was that coffee shop we discovered on our last vacation? Did I drop off the dry cleaning on Tuesday or Wednesday?

It’s a feature that Android users mostly loved, and iOS users have been waiting to try since 2015 — unless they’ve been using it on the web.

Aside from keeping tabs on your movement throughout the day, Places also allows users to edit locations to ensure the information is accurate. Users can also subscribe to monthly recaps, delete a day (or date range), and see your full history at any time.

The feature is available now, no update required.

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