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This article was published on April 14, 2010

Google Launches Twitter Timeline Search

Google Launches Twitter Timeline Search

Not content with indexing your latest Tweets, Google is set to display a timeline of tweets by day, broken down into topics.

So, if you wanted to see the Oscar Tweets in context of the timeline, you will be able to see them on Google. At present the service has archived tweets back to February and is working on the rest.

You can try it now by selecting ‘options’ on the search page and selecting ‘updates’, You should then see the timeline updates for your chosen topic. As this is just rolling out, you will only see the chart element on selected search terms but we have some examples after the jump.

In this example below Google shows us how it will look like when you search for your chosen topic. You can test drive the new function on this special link.

The inclusion of timeline based tweets will prove a valuable archive to understand more about what was said, by whom and when. Such knowledge will be useful to understand the importance of certain topics and events and also offer understanding of key influencers from where stories may start. As a historical artefact this could also become useful to see how ‘the world’ reacted to certain events like Haiti.

As this is an early launch we will be actively using these searches to bring you more insight and perspective when we can.